14 March 2007

Fist Bump is so OUT!! Check Out Whats IN Now!

You know whats a fist bump anot? Fist bump would be more applicable to males actually so i doubt the females would know whats a fist bump.

Fist bump is very the normal in Amadika, its kinda like their body language lidat especially among the blacks. Here in Msia those ahbengs n ahsengs the wanna act cool and dem wannabe angmoh somehow they also been using fist bump also.

Lemme show you how to do a proper fist bump first :

This is how you do a Fist bump

Now in Amadika, fist bump is no longer consider "IN" anymore ... infact they replaced the fist bump with a "slap"

How? I know u ahbengs n ahsengs sure wanna learn one la! dont worry! I got video here to teach you how to do the "slap" so you will look dem cool and wannabe ok?!!

Nah! heres the video! Watch n learn!

How chun anot? make sure you dont slap your boss like that fler ok? we are Malaysians not amadikans! Unless u got yourself a new job ledi la .. then u can seriously consider this act! LOL!

Many Thanks to kvnkok for the video


  1. try this on your big boss
    sure kean noyice in 1hr punya....

  2. hi there, hahaha..your welcome..feel free ya, hahaha..btw, love ur blog! Farnny!!hehehehehe ;D

  3. sei lor..i slap liao

    u wan hire me anot jek??? kakaka

  4. I wanna do this to my 'big boss' of Malaysia can ah?

  5. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Kenny Ng, queue up, your number are 6,735,381. Be patient, he need more than few good slaps.

  6. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Honestly... i really want to do that to my arsehole boss!!

  7. i wanna slap 9 my bossie like dat also!

  8. wahahahaa....lidat nobody dare to drink Budlight liao!

  9. wei Pek! no lah.. i like Budlight but Carlsberg much better :p

  10. Anonymous5:21 pm

    but too bad yea i got no boss to slap..can i give anyone a hand to theirs instead, lol...!

  11. *naturally covers both cheeks after reading this post*


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