26 March 2007

Why UPS is the best compares to others?

Competition is good because it gives us consumer more choices as in who should we give our business to.

I mean lets face it, by the end of the day we will hafta use their products or services and the company that can offer the best package will get our money rite?

Since its Monday ... so perhaps you wanna know why UPS is better than others courier company?

Oh la la~~~

Come come lemme help u~~

Are you sure you dont wanna work for me?

Bend Just alittle more ...

Lau bei huet edi~


Knock Knock!

ALO! ALO!! kambek!!! its still monday ok? Go Bek To Work!!! Mana mau lari??!!!!

Lets all hope n pray that DHL is gonna follow this trend soon!!!

P.S. : Thanks to Ahnel for the supplies of the above pics


  1. Anonymous3:02 am

    That one is porn or what la... Next time I go look for McD one...

  2. Like that, I gonna change me courier service company oledi lor. :)

  3. oiiii!!!i took those pigcher sexpecially for u...

    y u post it out???LOL

  4. after delivery, got after sales service ah?

  5. Anonymous10:55 am

    This is actually a playboy photoshoot la :)

  6. she can deliver to my place anytime!

  7. FedEx got chun chique onot

  8. Like that, I better stick with my current courier service company lia. Otherwise, the male in my shop cannot tahan and cannot work lor. Man is still man mah..... LOL

  9. can I sign acceptance of delivery on her ass?

  10. Oi if really the courier like this, kena raped edi ...even b4 step out of the building.

  11. Hmm... lau pei huet liao... where's the after sales service.

  12. wei, true or not le weh.
    UPS new fighting strategy!!!
    kao lat arrrrr~~

  13. Anonymous8:33 pm

    oi, where are the rest of the pics?! Suppose to have pics of her making love with another guy wan!!!!! Don't hide it in ur PC only la brader, post out share mahh...

  14. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Hehehe..nice post...she must be so me porno actress..Wat happen when she delivered the parcel..post more pics..LOL

  15. Anonymous10:49 pm

    i see d also my nose bleed. can post her naked pic or not? :D

  16. Wah wah wah!!! Almost can see everything liao!!! Can they courier me the gal for me ah? kekeke

  17. how about poslaju? leng luis also or not? HAha got cameltoe la!!


  19. wong : porn?? u got the rest of the pics anot??

    fl sam: kakaka me too!!

    ahnel : got sommo anot??!! dun keep for urself leh!

    Ahpek : UPS mia after sales serbis is 1-liew mia!

    toxicle : sure anot?? u got the rest of the pics?? share leh!

    perkinsonline : hahaha faster take a number and Q up first!! I also queing up waiting for my turn now.

    ckyeo : FedEx? derno ... i goan ask my supplier n see!

    erinalaw : some male dun like female one wor ...

    vad3r : hahaha later u kena sexual harassment how?

    sasha : u sure will kena rape anot??!! eh u try it n see la! see got kena rape anot! lol

    daniel : after sales serbis belakang kira one la! that one consider OT ledi! hahaha

    kid## : u try call ups n see betul anot ler lol

    alex : my pics pusher tarak gimme the rest of the pics la! diu!

    saravanan : hahaha stay tuned for PART II!!! kambing soon to a rojaks stall near u! lol

    april : eewww!!! you gay geh!!

    kenny ng: can see everything?? niahma faster tell me which pikture la!!

    jokeserv : poslaju? aaiiii .. that one dun say laaaa

    boss : kakaka send soiled underwear can ar?


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