18 March 2007

The Kidchan Effects

Note : If you wanna use any of the below photos at your blog/site please give credit mention back to kidchan and/or link back to his blog tenkiu.

To those who want a copy of the cd can get in touch with me for further details ok?

We managed to get our Together Gather Party Photographs CD from Kid yesterday and today we fast fast upload some of the pics for your viewing pleasure. The actual CD are loaded with 270+ high quality photographs!

I would like to thank Kidchan and Voon for all these wonderful photographs of the Party and here are some of it.

Fireangel, Yvonne and The snark

Golfnicks, sotong, Frostier and CKYEO

Most photographed chicks at the party

Lets eat!!!

Teiji filling her plate

Matthew, sam, dylan and others

Hongkiat, Kenny Lee and Liewcf lining up for their food

SEE??!! We Bloggers are civillised peeple ... we Q up wan!

Lengjais united : splashmilk, jason mumbles, fattien, ahboon and ahkwong.

Jeff Ooi, Ming and Stewie


Uncle Goldfish and Kenny Lee

Jason and Penny

Pikom's Chairman Mr. Lee Boon Kok

Kenny Lee, Sam & Golfnicks

Zeo (PR7 man) and his gf


Earl Ku, JJ and Cincau

Charles the runner up of a reality show of What She wants aired on TV8

Clare, Teiji and Friends

Fireangel and Minishorts

Laundryamah, sasha and err .... (kenot tell wor!)

Lengjai Daniel (chinese name Tah Niu)

Hot Chicks Camwhoring!

Zewt & gf

Heres the prove that the underwear mia kenny sia signature is genuine one!

And kidchan got it!

Another pic to prove the second boxer is indeed wore by Kennysia before!

And this one were won by Zeo ... and I thot I told them to give to girls oni .... -_-""

Matthew won the Ipod

Ahpek's Angels

The Hawt Jessbabe, Yatz & gf

Earl Ku & Penny

Mr Goldfishman is cheering!

Jeff Ooi and Bryan (HK star look alike!)

5xmom stalked by fanss

ShaolinTiger, Kimberlycun, Jeffooi, Kidchan and Suanie

Laura, James, Beestunglips all lining for gifts

Jeff Oii and Mini (please ignore the barger in the middle ok?)

Ready ... Steady ... SHOOT!

ShaolinTiger busy giving autographs to his fansee

Laundryamah giving autographs to her fansee

Kidchan giving autographs to his fansee

Sasha's Victory Pose

Earl Ku's Million lollar Smile!

Ahkwong ... lemme take pikture of your "Tool" - Ahboon

Liewcf on stage

Brian on stage

Party's angels : Huei, Janicepa, Kimchi, Ladyboss and Belle

Group pic!

Erm ... i'll leave this to your own imagination ... but pls take note of the james bond pose guy on the top left ... so yeng rite?! (niahma this Jamesbond uncle say kenot show his face wor! "ask" me to blur his face wor! mch! but in ahuei blog got his face big big can la! diu! Betul betul Jamesbond uncle la!!)

Of coz there is more photos in the cd and it is kinda impossible to put all 280 photographs in this post rite? So, send me an email if you wanna get hold of the CD ok?


  1. HK look-alike! That's my webhost! Get your hosting from him. Lengjai!

    And AhPek is mine. Hands off, ladies. 'Cos someone told me AhPek yauyeng like Magnum PI.*makes mental note to see my eye doctor and get a better pair of contact lenses*

    And yes, James Bond pose oso lengjai. Oso Penang Mali. So yeah, all lengjais come from Penang. Somemore KennynG oso Penang.

  2. maybe zeo should think of auctioning out kenny's boxers next year. why should a guy neeed to keep another guys underwear for. don't tell me is for tfk purpose ah, sometimes can smell some more. heehee if the girls got it ah, sure gila woh. lol

  3. OMG LAH. I LOOK LIKE, lol. so farny lah. IWANT THE CD!!!

  4. That james bond(yinsi yat)can sing young man!!!


  5. wah lau so damn cool your together gather. I wish i was there. How can i be in you guys blogosphere? you seem like a great funny bunch. lotsa toking kok! I Likeeee

  6. Anonymous10:53 pm

    HAHAHAHA!!!! earl-ku laugh like wat only!!! hahaha.. :P

  7. so many lengjais lengluis!

    *laugh at ckyeo's comment* acey kor kor so yeng like that!

  8. Anonymous11:25 pm

    walan eh ... see the wonders of expensive camera and skillfull photographers on me ... hahha makes me look somewhat more "yeng" hahaha

  9. Anonymous12:03 am

    damn i looked prettier inside there!

  10. Anonymous12:09 am

    Where? Where is yinsi Yat? That one my eujeong wor!!

  11. Anonymous12:09 am

    Jeff Ooi and me!! w00000000000000000000000t!

    Tai kor, gua mau the CD can ah?

  12. muahahaha... that James Bond looks familiar... James Bond always hamsap right? :P

  13. i want the CD... send to which e-mail? the blogger party e-mail?

  14. wow, like that also u can get the cd? geng wor... lots of precious moment are snapped, a cd MUST have, i WANT! tenkiu tenkiu... what i should do next?

  15. lil'd, look here http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/427246

  16. Please send 1 cd to goldfish man!
    Tenkiu berry march.

  17. where your pictures wingz...

  18. 5xmom : james bond most lengjai ok!!!!

    lil'd : haha u too late he alredi did that!

    lisan : u want the CD kasi address la!

    ckyeo : KAKAKAKA!! where got yinsi yat wei??!! kkakakaka YOUNG MAN!

    jokeserv : har? how can you be in our blogsphere? no requirement one wor! simply join can ledi!

    cncauhangus : niahma that one million lolar smile ok?!! dun pray pray! colgate want find him to make toothpaste ads liow.

    lehbit : wuah u luffing at uncle goldfish!!! kakakakaka

    earl : makes u got that urge wanna get that expensive camera right?

    belle : hahaha u say one hor!!! not i say one hor!!

    ace : yalaa!!! where got yinsi yat la!! got goldfish uncle only mah!!! KAKAKAKAKAKAAK!!! young man!

    bryan : can can!! kasi address la!

    kenny ng : hamsap??!! kakaka not i say one har!!!

    Zewt : to my email lar at rojaks.wingz@gmai.com

    jiun jie : email me ler at the above email!

    cocka : which goldfish man? got 2 goldfish man wor! lol

  19. pisang : i no go party lar! where got pic jek?!

  20. and i have finally done your tag... dont say i dont 'bei min'. i have said i wont do it again... respect eh?

  21. niamahfullat james bond kena censor!!! like that spoil kao my young man au jeong .....

  22. Wah! I've got picture! Haha... I WANT the CD!

  23. aisehman... wingz... how come don't have my handsome picture wan? tsk tsk tsk... hahahahahaha...

  24. hey Tai-lou,

    thanks for the plug and standing up for me at kenny's:) really dont understand some of this people, make us easy target. When we were struggling, having to share nasi 1 lemak bungkus for lunch few days in a row, where were they?

  25. is it really? how lei? to simply join? ahahah. i read your blog everyday wan. so damn hilarious.

  26. Nice Pictures!!

    hahahaa!!! lilian no need to get new lenses lah!! I realy look like magnum p.i. wan!

  27. who's that barger in the middle?? y ignore?? i like lar!! intro can???

  28. i will email you later !!!

  29. The CD got sell at pasar malam bo ?

  30. zewt : wuah i read your warning ledi!! i sked la!!! lol

    ckyeo : kakaka james bond too lengjai ledi la!!! kenot expose face wan!!

    civilian unit : niahma want CD email me la! else how i get in touch with u jek?

    @lvin : Got mah! u dint see meh??!!

    kidchan : wuah dun call me tailou leh! later i putih putih kena HOOT! lol normal la this world memang got lotsa person jeles when u successful one, its like a measure of your success level lidat lol!

    jokeserv : wuah u read everyday? then u mai bcome my stalker liow? kakaka kidding jek! I also read my blog everyday one! kakakakaka

    Ahpek : that magnum PI fler is call Tom Select la!

    Huei : That barger is kehlehfeh oni ... no nid to know him one!

    janicepa : u everyday also email me one ler!

    Linpeh : I alredi appointted our sole distributor - anker sam! he will be in charge of all our pasar malam distribution! leng mou?!


    but can i kao that kehlehfeh barger??? i wannn!!!! kakakka

  32. HAHAHAHHAHAH why so many of my fugly pictures wan!!!!!

  33. ahah no la not stalker. wad for? if wan oso i stalk hot girls. but ur blog damn nice la. so stupidly funny. a good destresser! w00t!

  34. LOL, ahpek not Tom Selleck but Shallect (spelling?) like that paint paint wood wan?

  35. if no need pay, send me 100 copies of the CDs, need to distribute to Fans mah...

  36. hey, that kelefeh bugger looks damn kau familiar :P sorry lah boss, kena ol'cock pox during gather gather. if come i sure spoiler one. kudos to you and the team ;)


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