17 March 2007

Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words then, does that means a thousand words is also equivalent to a picture?

Well ... thats what i wanna tell you! Yes! a thousand words is equivalent to a picture especially in this post!

Thats the picture of a bedroom (click to enlarge)

Thats a picture of the corridor (click to enlarge)

Thats a picture of the dinning room (click to enlarge)

Thats a picture of a living room (click to enlarge)

Thats a picture of the corridor (click to enlarge)

This is seriously a piece of fine art, I m loving it! This totally redefined the meaning of "a picture is worth a thousand words" literally.

I would like to credit the creatir of such fine art, anyone knew where the pictures originated from?


  1. U draw wan ah ? kasi draw one kkc la ! HAHAHH!

  2. one! (since lin peh dowan ma)

    I wonder what the artist would write if he drew my potrait. PIMPLEPIMPLEPIMPLE and BLACKHEADBLACKHEADBLACKHEAD ?

  3. This is a dangerous art form. What would stop someone writing obscene words in some corner of the picture? No good will come of this.

  4. Anonymous11:16 pm

    omg! how they draw wan!?!?

  5. wow... really nice wor... creative n artistic piece of work...

  6. very impressive! I couldn't see the words until I enlarge the pix.

  7. Taikor... I tagged kaw u... but u can no need to do if u dunwan.

  8. i rather draw one straight line!!! .....peeple who draw that is either too siao or too free...

  9. Lisan draw want...lol

  10. linpeh : niahma kkc pikture u ask earl ku do la!

    her fei-ness : hahaha thats a good one wei!!! mine will have the word "fat" all over it! hahahahaha

    gorilla : wuah you gets paranoid easily huh?

    melissa : beats me but i m amused ... if only i know how they did it!

    rycerain : nice leh!!! i share your sentiments

    hcfoo : i ledi put there click to enlarge mahh

    kenny : hahaha ok ok tenkiu

    ckyeo : niahma u got bad taste in arts la! what can i say? kakakaka

    sengkiat : huh? what this gotta do with kimchi?

    nyem : thanks! i went to the link but i derno what it is pile of words i m looking at.


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