26 March 2007

Ahbeng ScrewED

At the age of 25 Ahbeng is still a virgin, that is why his friends wanna prank 9 Ahbeng. They send him to this house and tell him that he can get spesel service there :

Ahock : you see that house anot?
Ahbeng : Yea ... and?
Ahock : Well they got provide spesel service wan and they can help you get rid of your V.
Ahbeng : Sure anot?!
Ahock : Sure la!
Ahbeng : Then what do i hafta do to get this service?
Ahock : Easy oni! you goto that house and knock on the door.
Ahbeng : Then?
Ahock : Then if got ppl come open door ask u what u want, u tell them "I wanna get screwed" and he will tell you what to do next.
Ahbeng : So easy only ar? ok ok i go now ....

Image Source : eatingasia

Ahbeng knocked on the wooden door and one Aunty come open the door :

Aunty : What lu want?
Ahbeng : I wanna get screwed.
Aunty : How much you got?
Ahbeng : I got RM35.80
Aunty : ok Gimme all RM35.80 now.

Ahbeng digged all his money out and handed them over to the Aunty, Aunty took the money ledi fast fast close the door leaving Ahbeng waiting outside.

Ahbeng wait har wait har alredi half an hour standing there ledi .... derno what else to do Ahbeng knocked on the wooden door again. Not long after that the same Aunty come n open the door.

Aunty : What you want now?
Ahbeng : I wanna get screwed!
Aunty : HAR??!! AGAIN??!!!

Moral of the story : Sometime you kena screwED ledi but u are too blur to realised it! lol


  1. eh..who wana let me screw?!??? kakakka

  2. me me...
    i wanna to get screw...


  3. huh? he still havent get screwed lei?

  4. Anonymous9:03 pm

    chee bye =.=...

  5. screw...
    don't understand can anyone explain a bit ar...
    It is being cheated?

  6. Anonymous12:55 am

    Want screw is it? Go find Ah Pek, he got a lot. Haha...

  7. lol. screws. lol

  8. got screwdriver onot???

  9. Muahahahaha!!! This old lady damn 9 shrewed!

    Good one!

  10. huei : How much u got??!! kakakaka

    pisang : ok how much u got? tell me 1st!

    jokeserv : you sure anot he havent got screwed?? how much you got with you now?

    alex : so many ppl dint get the joke wor! u gedit anot?!

    sengkiat : bingo! screwed=kena farked ledi lor!

    sasha : u dun tell me u dint get the joke har! i will boikote u wan gah!

    bryan : mch ... how much you got?!!

    abcchin : erm ... its screwed ler ... not screws ler

    ckyeo : u got how much??!!!


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