11 January 2010

Lesbian Ahlian Story

Lately I got to know a new hamsap Ahbeng frend who keep keep hitting on the wrong type of girls, we nicknamed him the lebian magnet bcoz very often of all girls in the party he will have to choose a lesbo to hit on lol!

after so many encounter he finally able to compile a series of Ahlian lesbo jokes and share with us. The latest one was about an Ahlian lesbo go gyne checkup one ... this is how it goes ....

One day one Lesbo Ahlian goto her gyne for her 1st checkup ... the regular shit happens la ... she went thru all the checking ritual and let the gyne enjoyed the view of her *ahem* LOL!

While the gyne enjoying her *ahem* she got hear the gyne let out a "Wah lau eh~!" sound ... then after the gyne finish edi he asked her to dress up and meet him in the clinic.

At the clinic the gyne sit down with the lesbo Ahlian and asked her a few regular questions about her health so far la ... if was at this time the Lesbo Ahlian beh than ledi and ask back the gyne.

Ahlian : Lokter ah .... soli to ask u lidis ar ... but just now when u checking my *ahem* u "Wah lau eh~!" so loud hor ... i very sked leh ... is everything ok ar?

Gyne : Oh ... that one ar? ... hehe soliler ... i so many yrs bekam gyne edi ... everyday see alot of *ahem* but never before i seen a *ahem* as clean as yours wan. hehe ...

Ahlian : hehehe *Lesbo Ahlian shy shy lidat luff* I m lesbian mah ... so everyweek hor ... my frend come clean my *ahem* at least 2 times wan ler .. thats why very clean lor hehe.

Gyne : *lauhon*

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