5 January 2010

Ahbeng is IN again!!! 大日子 woohoo!

Niahma la! this world dem 9 dabel standard wan i tell lu! i kena compren b4 by so called 'advertisers' saying my blog dem Ahbeng not ngam their status la this lar that lar ... diu mch ... nx time mau advertise at ppl's blog at least u farking goan read the blog first n see whether ngam ur sohem image anot 1st la!

The thing is this kinda sohem peeples derno that now Ahbeng is acherly dem IN thing ... see this year most happening CNY movie is acherly made inline with the Ahbeng theme wan! .... u watch the trailer below you will gerenti agree with me wan!

How? leng erm leng? Ahbeng must sapot ahbeng ok? must buy ticket masuk cinema watch this movie!!! kambing to a cinema near lu on the 14th jan (why 14? this number boh ong leh!) but dun care la! watch movie oni mah!!!

btw this is not a paid post ok?


  1. One more month and you have to change your header liao. lol

    Happy Fu Ning!

  2. limpek kana before. advertiser compren limpek blog very vulgar. i damn want to diu 9 them.

    eh...in that movie hor... the fei lou wear guard/police uniform one looks damn like limpek ex boyfren.

  3. Hahahahaha.... ya ya... that guard/police uniform one looks damn like limpek ex boyfren. LOL

  4. no lah.. limpek ex name is seng tuck. not lam tuk wing. no wonder he's a radio dj lah. the face cannot make it one.

  5. sohai...ahBeng were got buy ticket one..if can't download online, cant get pasar malam DVD..ahBeng will curi curi sneak in the cinamaplex


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