27 February 2007

New Sponsors : Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007

We would like to announce the 4 latest sponsors to our Together Gather Bloggers Party this coming 9th March 2007.

I Will Follow You!

Photos best Companion!

nuffnang, Adsense Worst Enemy!!!

Best Musical School in Cheras!

Malaysia's Best Online Bakery Supplies

We would like to show our sincere appreciation to the above companies for contributing to this event.

More sponsors kambing Soon!!!!

P.S. : There is a high chance that you might get to see the Digi Yellow Man!!! (still under consideration tho .. but i think it will help if more people is blogging bout this ... Who want see Digi Yellow Man Handsup!!! )


  1. I will follow him...And will he follow me home too?

  2. *puts hands up*
    mememememememememe i wana see digi yellow man!!!

  3. Anonymous2:38 pm

    No wonder got say got hou guai wong fella there. He got come one or not?

  4. i wanna see the yellow fella too!!! He can follow me home bo?

  5. Anonymous4:06 pm

    *put up hands and legs* if you all wanna see Wingz in Yellowman attire.!

  6. *puts up hands and legs* Hou wong ah~ Hou kan yiu wong ah! I want see! heh! as if i m going to the party like that. -_-

  7. aceone..u should put er..one more thing up!! hehehhe

    *puts legs up as well*

    wingz..i kena wear yellowman attire liao!!! kakkaka

  8. yaaahhooo!!!! tis 9th of March i get to see BananaMan...hahaha

    Can request the BananaMan dress in pyjamas???

  9. I want to see the Mr. Yellow doing the orang asli thing!

    but i don think I can go for the gathering wor..how?


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