4 February 2007

Tong Sui - Sweet Bean Restaurant

This is a photopost.

If you are staying in Seri Petaling and you are fond of tong sui (sweet chinese dessert) , you should visit this restaurant called Sweet Bean located on the road leading to Happy Garden.

Sweet Bean shopfront

Nice Shades huh?

Red Bean interior

Cashier Counter


Simple yet attractive menu

Peanut and Sesame Tong Sui

Peanut and Tong Yuen

Big Big, White White, Round Round, Sesame Tong Yuen YUMMY!!! *Make peace sign*

Mango Ice Something la! I derno what its call edi!

Lengjai and Lenglui enjoying tong sui

Pak Suet-Suet, Wart Luet-Luet mia Tau Foo Fah (Soya Bean curd)

Pak Suet-Suet, Wart Luet-Luet mia Tau Foo Fah (Soya Bean curd)

Mini Yau Char Kwai (mini Oil Fry Ghost/crullers)

Hambahlang gone! Elek! Thats how delicious their stuffs are!

Their tong sui is really Ting Kuah-Kuah!! Not too sweet, not too thick, everything is just right. Kinda difficult to find a really nice tong sui place in KL but this restaurant seems to know what they are doing!

I would definitely be going back again soon! *make peace sing again*



  1. dude, u were there? I'm study in the uni somewhere at sri petaling. I know bout this shop but i've never stepped into it though. next time if u drop by call me k! lol

  2. they only serve tong sui ah?

  3. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Eh no directions or address/contact numbers?

    How some PJ kia like me goin to find the place?

    Pls provide map if possible...Kam sia tai kei....

  4. Fah sang wu yat woon. Mini yau char kwai, I like! It is call 'hua chee' in Hokkien. (flower fritters?) Eh, got papaya soup anot jek? Tell your female readers a secret lah, eat more green papaya tongsui, very good for errm...nen nen. Kasi itu papaya besar-besar, juicy-juicy. Real wan. And if breastfeeding mothers eat, wuah, got extra milk for the papa oso. Faster bring Mrs. Wingz for papaya tong sui. LOL. The reason is papaya got the enzyme papain (or something like that, aiyah ask Mayura Herbal lah)

  5. go there neva call lim peh...lim peh suggest that place long time ago edi wan...

  6. Anonymous3:30 pm

    "tong sui" like black sesame dessert yummy!

  7. i want tao hu huey!! give map give map!

  8. Anonymous8:49 pm

    wah, thanks for introducing nice food for readers. Pls introduce more in the future :P . I suggest wingz can bring hambahlang all of us to go there. Belanja us for free. I am sure u got alot of fah hung want from u taukeh , wingz:P


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