27 February 2007

Together Gather Bloggers Party Updates

It looks like we sucessfully obtained another sponsorship to sponsor the printing of our Program/Year Book.

I received this message from our comittee member in the late afternoon :

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform that we succesfully obtained a sponsorship for the printing of a program booklet for the party.

Those who are attending the party are invited to write a message or article of less than 250 words about the party, yourself or your blog by this weekend, 12 Noon (March 4th 2007, 12.00pm)

Please reply the email with the subject as "Program Book for the Party" to tggenquiry@gmail.com Format for the article would be similar to the one shown below. If you are coming in a group, you can either write as a group/couple or individual. It's up to you.

Name :
Age :
Blog Url :
Article (More than 250 words will be truncated) :

Thank You.

So put on your blogging cap and start writing!!! At least next time you can dig the book outta your storeroom and tell your chewdrens "See? See? Daddy last time got attend bloggers gathering wan!" LOL!

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  1. OI..MUMMY got attend bloggers gathering kenot ar? y must use Daddy as example? kakakaka


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