1 February 2007

A Refreshing Blast, Right Out of Your A$$

I guessed most of you are on Hornyday today, unfortunate for me ... today is still a working day. Its abit quiet tho because there aint much phone calls and everyone looks like a freaking zombies! LOL

Anyway I heard rumors of a new product thats gonna launch soon, this product will greatly benefit those who loves to leggo of gas bomb in the public oneor for those who do not have control over their bowel muscle anymore! (could prolly lost control of the bowel muscle due to old age or excessive use and constant abuse of bowel muscle for wrong kinda activities HAHAHA!)

Their product motto is "A Refreshing Blast, Right Out of Your Ass" All you gotta do is stuff this product up yours and it will work by itself! Just as simple as that! No more embarassing moment after that! Comes with 30 days supplies of fragrances as well!

You think Cocka will love this anot? I know Linpeh is alredi deeply in love with this product ledi LOL!!!

I am taking Orders NOW!! Who want buy? Faster register!!!


  1. omg!!! this is serious?

    the idea is great la..changing the odour


    have to shove into the butt hole??


  2. =.="
    I don't know about you guys, but it still is kind of gross to me.
    Foul gas! Hahaha~

  3. i think this product fail la....
    the chemical reaction from our ass
    that is metane plus with that unknown gas will be kaboom!

  4. alamak! Like this also can kah? *wipe cold sweat*

  5. Eh eh ..if shove inside edi..

    Wanna do big business how? Must remove then shove back??

  6. Eh i wana order!!!!


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