3 February 2007

Hansem Juice ... a Weekend Adventure

I felt abit adventurous yesday and also mainly bcoz i was forced by my BOSS Shiryen to go meet someone, I finally stepped out of my house and go hangout in a very nice cozy and wacky place! (I got no frends one mah rememberred?)

For old folks like me that dun hangout much, the first thing you gotta do when you step into any F&B establishment is to order something to drink (I learnt this from googling about "How to hangout" wan!).

So I stepped into this very cozy, wacky place and look at their menu and this is what i ordered!

HANDSOME SPELL JUICE!!! OMFG!!! i now felt so much more hansem ledi!!!

Da Hansem Juice

After a few sips, suddenly all the chicks begins to look at me and i also got feel abit younger ledi la ... i press my face got this boink boink spring feeling ledi .... last time press ledi it wont bounce back till 3 days later one! (before I drink this Hansem juice, the last time a chick looked at me was back in 1992 ... and she screamed and ran away .... she must have thot i m some kinda monster coming out from the sewers.)

Got one Hot Chick that looks like Maggi Q even asked me if I am KOREAN anot!!!! KOREAN guy ok??!!! NOT Jabpenis guy ok??!!! its KOREAN guy!!! After they start showing korean movie on the tv now all the hot chicks suddenly digs KOREAN guy ledi! All KOREAN guys IS TEH HANSEM OK??!!! There is no fugly men in Korea wan CANN??!!!!

NO! i no bruff you wan!!! This Hansem Juice is the real deal man!!! Niahma trust me la! Wingz wont bruff you wan rite?!!

My Lober Sork anot??!!

Not only u will be more hansem after u drink Hansem Juice, you will also gets lucky! After i drink the second cuppa Hansem Juice hor ... suddenly my lober appeared in front of me leh!!! I never see her for a coupler years ledi! The last time i saw her was in 2005, that time i wanna date her wan .... then one nite i noticed she got something on her upper lips .... I also ngong ngong lidat goan ask her la

Me : Eh lober that one is your misai izzit?

Thats the last time i saw her ... she refused to take my calls and also dun wanna see me anymore after that, but today not only she showed up in front of me ... she also talked to me leh!!! Wah lau eh I thot after that incident she will hate 9 me forever and ever one! Mana tau she is speaking to me again!!!! You say la! If this is not good luck then is what??!!

Hot Chick in boots

Ok la ... maybe u r skeptical la ... maybe u will say this is all coincidence la ... ok ok at first i also thot lidat also but then after i left that restaurant I go walk walk blow blow wind abit, walk har walk har i pass thru this shoe shop, suddenly got another HOT CHICK come ask me

Hot Chick : Lengjai ... this boot looks nice on me anot ar?
Me : Leng dou DUM DUM seng la!!!!
Hot Chick : Wuah lengjai u got good taste la! Nah this is my number .... call me ok?
Me : ok ok i will ... I WILL!!!!!! *Drools*

See? see??!!! can see the effect imedieately wan!!! within a day got so many chicks toked to me leh!!! before this 1 year i also derno got one chick tok to me anot! This Hansem Juice is a miracle i tell you!!!

So my verdict is :

Hansem Juice! CHENG AH!!! Make u HANSEM and give u GOOD FARK LUCK!!! Niahma mana mau cari??!!

P.S. : V-Day is around the korner ... so in case you need to be more Hansem-er to get laid ... you know what to do la!!!


  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    have to fast fast order this hansem juice

  2. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Niamah, you talked so much and never tell where the heck is the cozy and wacky place to get the hansom juice!

  3. Eh..! U were there yesterday! Ahh..should have gone up to the most hansem one and say hi ya..Hehe

  4. sasuke : ya la we order in bulk la! sure got lotsa hot chikas dig us wan!

    bryan : niahma as usual la! u want go u call me and i will take u there ... on you of coz!

    eve : ah? i was where?? i derno what u toking la :P

  5. Anonymous5:36 pm

    i still can't get over the namecard leh. very very very funny;D:D u take care ya relatip!

  6. i do need some hansem juice coz i'm not hansem enuff!

  7. hansem juice mahal onot wan?

  8. Got pretty juice o not wan?

  9. jayelle : haha limited edition wei!! keep it well!!

    wuching : niahma you looks like chow yuen fatt ledi still want hansem juice meh!?

    ckyeo : hansem juice no mahai wan! lol

  10. Lehbit : Pretty juice dont have ... but if u look carefully at the menu .. there is a drink call "gorgeous spell" i think that one also can leh!

  11. gorgeous spell change lebit into bugs bunny, wingz into trans-wingz

  12. Anonymous1:41 am

    Niamah, don't forget you still owe me 2 cups of Starbucks Coffee. :p

  13. Anonymous5:47 pm

    i oso receive the fehmes rojak namecard!!! one day i gonna sell on ebay, sure make tons of money one...

  14. Anonymous9:24 pm

    hansem juice works!

    <3 Maggi Mee



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