2 February 2007

Auspicious Plant for Chinese New Year

At Rojaks Daily we took the liberty to provide you with the knowledge you require to go thru festivals like Chinese New Year and such.

Today we rounded up some of the plants we chinese love to have in our house during Chinese New Year and also letting you know what is the meaning behind every plant ok?


Pronounced Gumgut in Cantonese, the kumquat is a pun for gold (gum), and for good fortune (dai gut). Cantonese love to decorate their homes and places of business with pots of kumquats, in the hopes that they will bring good fortune and wealth.

Pink blossoms

The peach tree with its Pink blossoms is a standard decoration for the New Year. Considered sacred in China, the wood of the peach tree was used as a charm (taofu) against evil in ancient times. Numerous peach trees are sold annually during the New Year flower fairs in Canton and Hong Kong. They are brought home and kept in the oldest and nicest porcelain vase in the family, for it is believed that the older the vase, the longer the flowers will bloom.

The peach, an emblem of longevity, is of paramount importance in Chinese culture and is one of the most popular motifs found in Chinese art. It is the symbol of the venerable God of Longevity, Shoulao, Xiwangmu, the Queen Mother of the West, is believed to possess an orchard of peach trees in her abode up in the Kunlun mountains. The trees blossom only once every 3000 years, and the fruit takes another 3000 years to ripen. It is believed that eating these peaches will grant immortality.

Chinese Pussy Willow

Since the Chinese like numerous blossoms on a branch, the many buds of the willow
make it a favorite flower for Chinese New Year. The fluffy white blossoms of the Chinese pussy willow resemble silk, and they soon give forth young shoots the color of green jade. Chinese enjoy such signs of growth, which represent the coming of prosperity.

Lucky BambooLucky Bamboo or Fortune Bamboo is not a bamboo plant at all. It is botanically know as Dracaena Sanderiana and belongs to the same family as the Iron Plant. They are imported from Taiwan and Indonesia and come in many different shapes and sizes. There are 'twisted' or 'curled' bamboos which are displayed in odd numbers in tall vases and the significant number is 21. There are also those which are bound in circular rows displayed in water based containers and pleated in a circular manner in pots by skilled individuals. Whichever type you choose they are the easiest plants to grow. They are highly recommended for the indoors because they can grow in low light conditions and are undemanding plants. Many people keep the Fortune Bamboos in their homes for Feng Shui reason. For those which are grown in water, add some coloured stones or pebbles and maintain the water level under the level of the stones in order to prevent mosquitoes breeding. If displayed in vases, ensure that the water is changed every couple of days. They are very popular during the Chinese New Year and they have also found their way into western flower arrangements because of their interesting forms.


Yellow Chrysanthemum signifies gold/good luck. However, during the Chinese New Year there are many different varieties of chrysanthemums sold in the gardens. They come in shades of purple, pink, yellow, orange, brown, green, red, maroon and white. They do well under partial sunlight/bright light but not full sunlight. Water the soil thoroughly and do not let it dry out. Spray mist the leaves but do not spray at the blooms and remove dead flowers and yellowing leaves promptly. Most varieties of chrysanthemums do not flower in our climate but this should not deter anyone from enjoying their beauty during the festive season. Pot chrysanthemums are one of the plants recommended as indoor air-purifiers.

Azaleas are popular during Christmas time and Chinese New Year. They come from China with many hybrids coming from Taiwan. The Azaleas which are sold in the nurseries are mostly imported from Belgium and China. Azaleas come in shades of red, pink, white, peach and bicolours. They must be placed in bright light with no direct sunlight. Do not allow the compost to dry up and if this happens for any reason, quickly plunge the pot in a pail of water and once the compost is thoroughly wet, remove the plant at once. While it is encouraged to spray-mist the leaves of the plants, do not spray at the blooms which will cause them to wilt fast. Remove all dead flowers and leaves promptly.

Ornamental Chilli
Ornamental Chilli is a member of the Solanaceae family which includes brinjals, tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes and petunias. They are colourful plants which are best grown under good sunlight. They require regular watering and remove the dead fruits promptly to encourage new growth. Use a fertilizer specially formulated for fruits and vegetables. Spray mist the leaves regularly as hot dry air will cause the leaves to shrivel and drop. Keep an eye for red spider mites which thrive in hot and dry conditions. Never handle the members of the solanaceae family after smoking or handling tobacco as this can spread the tobacco mosaic virus. If you must really handle them, wash your hands in milk which will deactivate the tobacco mosaic virus. Handle the fruits with care as the juice can irritate eyes and skin.

Chuntoy Fatt Choy Plant

Chuntoy FattChoy plant [name given by Belle wan! not me!]

This plant is Plant of the Year 2007! nicknamed the chuntoy plant, its call chuntoy plant because the 2 balls at the bottom of the plant looks like a pair of testicle with a small trunk.

Rumors has it that if you put this chuntoy plant in your house for the coming Chinese New Year it will bring you lots n lotsa hamsap luck! Guys will be able to get laid everyfarking week and girls will also gets to moan very often also!

So whether u r not married, or married or straight or curly everyone need one chun toy plant at home!!! Its for a happier family! LOL! Make Lafu not War, remember?

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  1. Hahahaha!!!
    WHat the fish man!
    Chuntoy plant!
    Ridiculously funny.
    WHy is it even considered a fatt choi plant?

  2. Chinese pussy willows! My current 'magnet'. Perverts looking for Chinese pussy come to my site and found little white fluffy flowers. Dem stim my SEO trick works.

  3. Anonymous7:28 am

    i'm wondering how many of u guys actually seen the shoot of a pussy willow before?

    i heard it's quite rare and if it does grow them shoots, means super good luck that year...betuih ka?

  4. hahah i always wonder what is the plant's name..Now i know.


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