15 February 2007

Drive Carefully! Have a Safe Trip! Bon Voyage!

Ok I think i am abit late in saying this but better late than never rite?

To those who will be driving long distance back to kampung this Chinese New Year, make sure your car is in good running order, it is better if you could get it checked out and better still get it serviced before you go on with your journey.

Check your brakes, check you oil, check your water and coolant, check your tyres make sure its in good condition with penty ot thread left, top up your windscreen solutions.

Make sure u have proper rest before you start your journey, a couple of bottles of livita in the car would do wonders sometimes. Do not continue your journey if you felt sleepy or drowsy, a brief stopover at the R&R would definitely helps, walk around or wash your face or take a puff or go toilet tfk or you can even have a cuppa kopi as long as it works and you get to arrive safely.

Do not speed! the highway is not a race track! Follow all the traffic signs and adhere the speed limit pls.

Do not stop to take down other cars plate number if there is an accident, drive on! dont cause more traffic congestions!

Go enjoy yourself and come back safely! Bon Voyage!

And below is a few photos of a gory road accident in Malaysia involving a kancil. Go, take a look and sked the shit outta yourself! then you sure drive safely!


Pics courtesy of Paultan.org


  1. Wuah, taikor, your kempen lagi effective than our Min. of Transport. Kamsiah. I hati hati di jalanraya this Saturday, thanks to the community message from Rojakz.

  2. Anonymous5:50 pm

    I don't agree. Everyday, more people are killed by stupidity than speed.

  3. wahhhh... those are some really wicked photos....!! but it's good, ppl should see more such photos... then the road will be much safer.

  4. OMG..ew..ish..blek..ish..ew..


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