6 February 2007

Holiday With Mother In Law

Someone is in desperate need of A+ blood in Ipoh because his wife is suffering from ovarian cancer, if you are in Ipoh and you have A+ type of blood ... please do your bit to help ok?

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last time go vacation to a far remote island in Indonesia with his wife and mader in law. You know lar all Mader-In-Law (MIL) also abit lazer mouth one rite? its the same with AhBeng's also la.

Then one time at a sacred place AhBeng's MIL derno said something very offensive and made the native ppl there tulan ledi.

As the island is quite small, the island do not have a police department ... instead stuffs like this are to be judge by the royal family whois ruling the island.

AhBeng, Ahlian and his MIL were caught by the natives and dragged to the King whereupon they will all be judged.

Before the King announce the sentences, he make this announcement 1st :

King : I dont want to be accused of cruelty to foreigner tourist, therefore I will grant you a wish before I punish you.

First it was Ahlian turn :

King : I sentence you to 50 lashes on your backside! What is your wish?
Ahlian : I want tie a pillow on my backside can?
King : Okeh no problem la!

Ahlian then got 1 pillow tied to her backside before she kena weck, buden the pillow too small hor and the whacker also dem power ... Ahlian suffered a few lashes also la ... dem painful ok?!

Then Next one is Ahbeng's MIL lar ....

King : Ok MIL what is your wish?
MIL : I want 2 pillows! 1 tied to my backside and another one tied to my back can anot?
King : Okeh! Set! Can la! You will be weck 50 lashes!

AhBeng's MIL dem smart ... after 50 lashes also she still smiling, her tactics worked well.

Actually AhBeng dem tulan with his MIL liow ... just because of her lazer mouth he and his wife also kena humiliate lidis, sommo Ahlian also got a few bruises on her back and his MIL escaped without any scratches! Then AhBeng fast fast come out a plan to teach his MIL a lesson la .... this is what he did :

AhBeng : King my turn! I want 2 wishes can anot?
King : 2 wishes ka? errmm .....
AhBeng : Dun lidis King! I see you so hansem up there .. if you grant me 2 wishes next time you go Mareysia I bring you go find piao mei char kuat ok?
King : OK chun! I like char kuat! ok lar give u 2 wishes la!
AhBeng : Tenkiu brader King!
King : So whats your first wish?
AhBeng : I want 100 lashes instead of 50 lashes!
King : KAKAKAKAKAKA Cibai lu siao one har?
AhBeng : Niahma you dont care me la! I wish ledi u wan give anot now?
King : KAKAKA ok i gibe! I gibe!!!
AhBeng : Tenkiu 1st ... then my second wish is ....
King : Go on ... tell me what is your second wish ?
AhBeng : I want to tie my MIL onto my back!


  1. ahbeng is clever!

  2. Oi, it is friend's sister lah.

  3. Woah, good hor ah beng. very da cleber!

  4. Hahahahahahaha!
    Damn it!
    Cannot imagine lol~

  5. lih hai ur joke.great joke

  6. Anonymous11:37 am

    haha... ah beng is great.. Lately my assignment catch up with me...hard to online and read rojakz


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