9 February 2007

Linpeh's Family Photo

Up till now Linpeh from tok3tok4.blogspot.com had managed to escape the camera and nobody seems to have access to his photo, needless to say that his picture were never published in any of the blogs also la.

This fler is actually a big shot in the business world that is why he dun dare to show his face to the public, he sked u all could recognise him and maybe his staffs were reading his blog and then found out that their boss is actually a hamhai LOL!

Yesday Linpeh throw a big big birthday party for his oldman and inbited me to his mansion to eat and drink free (actually this farker want me to go there to do stand up comedy to entertain his guest but he kiamsiap dunwan pay me so instead he gibe me makan free only knn!)

Then at the end of the party Linpeh and all his relatip sit together-gether to take pictures. What he derno is .... i diam diam took his family potrait with my camera phone also!

Now my turn to revenge on Linpeh after he put me on table so many times!!!

Ladies and genitalmen!!! I presents to you!!! Linpeh family Potrait!!!

Who is who : The middle fler is Linpeh's oldman, then behind him is Linpeh, to the left is Linpeh's brother and to the right is his cousin. In the front row is linpeh's sisters and all behind behind one all Linpeh's aunties and uncles.

Now go tell everyone that you saw Linpeh photograph first in ROjaks Daily!!!

P.S. : I would prolly be dead by noon tomlo if Linpeh found out i double crossed him .... my life is at risk ok!!! so you better komen after u read this then if i really die i will go into your dreams and gibe u dream 4D toto 1st prize!!! LOL!!


  1. wei
    which wan is he?
    the far far wan kar?

  2. seriously linpeh more handsum then them lah .. hahaha...*vomit*

  3. HAHAHAHAHA what a fahney photo

    OMG I'M FIRST!!!

  4. Noooo..u can't dieee..but i don't mind u giving me 4D lar!! kakak

    FuiyOo linpeh so hansen!!! can gib me his numberrrr?? ^.^


  6. So...do I get the 4D nombor ? LOL!

  7. Anonymous9:35 am

    You also got put me on table, I'm gonna reveal your picture also!! Wuahaha...

  8. U r good with ur photos.

  9. Anonymous11:28 am

    hahahahaaa.... after lin peh sue 9 u!

  10. Anonymous11:49 am

    Uncanny family resemblance!

  11. hahah why all look the same wan????

  12. Why all look the same one? LOL

  13. pisang : nehh that one leh ...

    janicepa : kakaka u dun bruff la u met him b4 wan!

    boss : hahaha u r 3rd la! anyway its very easy to get 1st in my blog bcoz there aint much komen anyway.

    lpj : u want 4D ark? tonite i give u ler *wink wink*

    linpeh : waht u mean u want 4D number??!!! u r threatening to kill me izzit??!!!

    bryan : hahaha not i put you on table one la!!

    patrick : linpeh hansem anot?

    horny : hahaha its not me la! its linpeh's family! they are so photogenic! lol

    ahpek : he wont sue wan! i also got copy of his homemade video!!

    gbyeow : yar if u tell ppl they are not from the same family also they wont belif LOL!

  14. sasha : They made by the same farktory waht?? same process same QC mah!

    kenny : why you and sasha is asking the samething at the same time one har??!!! mm tung u n sasha got .... ahem ahem

  15. u know why they all have same face? coz they when they were born they had no face so the midwife just phtocopy their faces from 1 photo of someone so thats why they all have same faces! hahahahaha

  16. Anonymous2:08 pm


  17. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Woi..fai tit show lin peh's home made video la!!! kakakaka

  18. wui~? All look the same to me. >.<"

  19. lin peh ur marder damn pwer la....can gif birth to so many twins.....

  20. That's what you call ISO-certified with zero non-compliance for the standard operating practice.

  21. wuching : wuah that one is sci-fi liow wei!

    angel : heyy u r here!

    ace : that one wait lar ... i now blakmailing him .. see he wanna buy back the movie anot lol

    lehbit: they all made with the same raw materials and made using the same mold, same factory, same QC ... of coz all look alike la!

    ckyeo : niahma u insulting your sifu mia mader ka?

    bernard : phuiyo! ISO also come out liow!!! kakaka

  22. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Wah! Human cloning in Malaysia legal ka?


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