12 February 2007

Chinese New Year : 3 More Draws! Who Want Lucky 4D?!!

Warning : The below prediction are only for entertainment purposes. User(s) are advice to proceed under own risk. Author(s) will not be hold responsible towards loses/liabilities arises from any misuse of the below program for gambling purposes. By using the below program user hereby agreed to indemnify the author of this blog from all liabilities arises from the usage of the abovesaid program.

1 more week till Chines New Year, which also means there is only 3 more 4D draw includes Sunday (18th Feb 2007) which is on the Chinese New Year itself.

According to most of the businessmen i meet, business is terrible this year and there isnt much Chinese New Year Mood around. This all could only mean one thing ... Times are bad! Times are Really Really bad and commoners like us are bloody dem kok poor!

So when you are dem kok poor what will you do? You buy 4D!!!! And man do we have great news for all you gambling ghost out there!!!

KAM KAM!!! Everibodi COME FATT CHOY!!! This year ROJAKS in co-operation with HEAVENLY CHOY SUN association brings you this once in a lifetime oppurtunity. CHOY SUN is giving 4D lucky numbers !!!


Whether you are loyal to MAGNUM 4D, DAMACAI or SPORTS TOTO CHOY SUN also understand your need! CHOY SUN mia LUCKY number are compatible with all those major gaming outlet mentioned above. So what you waiting for ???!!! Wanna FATT DART ANOT??!!!

So, After this every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday you no need to "ngong kooi kooi" stand in gaming outlet thinking of what numbers to buy ledi la!! Thanks to Rojaks Daily now you know what numbers to buy ledi laaa!!! Mana mau cari??!!!


How to get the best reults from CHOY SUN

  • - Wash Hand 1st with pamelo leaves, Mana tau u just now go TFK, if dont wash sure manyak suey wan.
  • - Close you eyes and Pray first, Repeat after me "If i kena ledi i will donate 10% of my prize money to Wingz" kena pray sincerely wan if not wont kena wan.
  • - Then plomise yourself again (dispite the promised you made in your previous prayers) that if you kena liow you must give 10% to the Rojaks Entertaiment Fund and make me a happier person.
  • - DO NOT share your lucky number with anyone. If anyone pretend to be from the ROJAKS management kam ask u for the number, IGNORE THEM! ROJAKS and Managements will not ask for your lucky numbers wan. We also plotek all your LUCKY NUMBERS! this is our PIRACY PRIVACY policy.
  • - Lastly, click on CHOY SUN and you will see LUCKY ANGPAU will appear, then wait for your LUCKY NUMBER to appear from within the LUCKY ANGPAU, Make sure you fast fast write it down and keep it somewhere safe. Also be aware of your surroundings ... you dont wanna let ppl see whats your secret lucky number do you?
Go on ... get your lucky number now ... everyone need a lucky number is bad times lidis!


Copyright Rojaks 2005, Do not reproduce/use without the prior written consent from the original author (me lar!).


  1. kong hei fatt choy taikor! i cannot buy 4d here..

  2. LKJ!! if loose rojaks will sponsor 100% of total loss anot? kakkakaa

  3. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Cilaka, wanna cheong my business issit? Eh, I going to spend CNY in KL. Hahaha, where only ghosts around. Going this Sat. but dunno stay for how long or go where after that. If you got tokkok sessions, call me lah.

  4. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Wokeh set. If kena 10% to your Rojak Entertainment Fund.

  5. Anonymous5:23 pm

    mahai! last year oso i click your choi san, rugi until this year oso never kena wei!

    this year i don trust your choi san oredi!!

  6. That's because his choy san forgot to wash hands wif pomelo leaves... Wakakaka!

  7. u neva specify is magnum toto or da ma chai...

  8. wingz i wana use ur "gong hei fatt choi" sign ...can ar?...

    if i kena my toto i give u 1 night char kuat at hap jai..set?

  9. Wah Lau eh ! Your Choy San powderful ! Everytime I click also Lin Peh car number cum out wan !


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