28 February 2007

More on Together Gather Bloggers Party

I m asked to do a post to address some issues pertaining to the upcoming Together Gather Bloggers Party 2007 and i shall do it in points format :

1.] If you are interested to reserve a seat/seats for yourself and friends, please email to tggenquiry@gmail.com we have trained professional to reply all your enquiries and questions.

2.] If you wanna know how to make payment, please also email to tggenquiry@gmail.com and our helpful officers will reply your email with ways you could make your payment.

3.] We will be publishing a Year Book/Program Book for the event, those who is attending this event are invited to write a short article (less than 250 words) about anything! (preferably you could write something related to the party one la!).
Then you can use this book and ask your favourite blogger(s) to autograph onnit or you could keep it for remembrance. You could go to HERE for the format of the article and when you are done please email your article to tggenquiry@gmail.com for it to get published.

4.] Please pay up! Our principle is chasing us for payment ledi! LOL!
Seriously, if you reserved seat(s) already ... please complete the registration by making a remittance to the bank account mention in the email sent to you. Dont worry! we plomise you that we wont run away with your money wan!!!

5.] I know some of you are still thinking about whether you wanna come anot, lemme tell you this ... we seriously kenot take more than 100 paxs primarily because the first 100 paxs are being heavily subsidised by our sponsors therefore it would be almost impossible for us to take more than 100 paxs.
Furthermore we only have 100 sets of doorgifts to give a way, so we really have no choice but to stop accepting new registration once we reached 100 paxs.

6.] We kenot accept party crashers/last minit registrations. This is because the hotel are charging us on head count. So if there is more than 100 heads then we kena fork our own money to pay the hotel. We are not gonna profit from this event, all the contributions from the sponsors and being channelled towards the party so we do not have extra funds to handle party crashers.

7.] At this current time we have already accumulated total value of gift and prizes worth approximately RM4,000 and this all will be given away during the party.
Apart from that, we are still negotiating with a few more sponsors, hopefully we could get more prizes to be given away to those who attended this Together Gather Bloggers Party!

8.] There will also be DISCO session at the end of the party also .... but we still looking for sponsors for the music machine and the disco light la! Got DISCO kaki wanna sponsor anot?!

So what you waiting for??!! This party definitely worth more than RM35 one!! Fast fast register la!!! Less than 30 seats available now!!


  1. Anonymous4:11 am

    wow tks man. looks like it'll be great. :D

  2. after i bolow from ah long i called u...if manage to bolow more i sponsor some...


    er..neh remember our dinner that time..the kalaokie TV on top there got a light..er.."disco" light..ask them to sponsor la! kakakkaka

  4. Anonymous12:25 pm

    ok wingz, please reserve 3 seats for me .... will pay u latest by monday.


    Anyway, i sent u email edi.. to the tggenquiry@gmail.com


    p/s: will u make earl ku put on the yellow outfit to pretend the digi yellowman? :p

  5. Wait I go ask BadBoyBen if he got frens or not? He is a DJ.

  6. Anonymous5:45 pm

    niame, me wear the yellow outfit? i wear that i will go hump all the ladies there ... so have u seen the yellow guy go humping people?

  7. ppl should employ u to do marketing. i'll be there.

  8. wow..disco session sumore..
    Its getting more and more interesting ler..Really feel like going..

    Damn myself for living in penang...zzzz!!

  9. Anonymous7:23 am

    I'd like to go, but cant. Wish that the day was on a saturday instead. Maybe next time :)


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