8 February 2007

Teatime Love Bite

OH MAN!! this piece of newspaper cutting really cracks me up!!! Never thought that a pancake making event could have turn sour till like this.

click on the above article for a larger image

So guys .... next time if you decided to make breakfast/lunch/dinner ... keep your wife/gf/mistress far far away ok? Women kenot stand looking at half naked man cooking one ... they gets turned on and thats when the fire starts! And that is hazardous to your small didi!!! LMAO!!!


  1. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Diu. So gao dangerous. The fella also one kind. Do what cook somemore. Go do something else ma.

  2. walau...never buy MAS air ticket ka? So rush wan? Cannot do first then cook meh or other way round.

  3. Ha! Ha! I will keep that in mind!!!

  4. Woah! small didi sure very pain mia. And the wife also.. >.<" Agree with gbyeow le. Somore cook for what jek. straight away drag masuk room can d mah.

  5. walan eh. pain. must not multi task la.

  6. Anonymous8:06 pm

    He almost won himself a darwin awards entry :)

  7. No wonder la.... ;-)

  8. OUCH... both of them should be sent for SAFETY classes....

  9. gbyeow : kakaka maybe they just ngam ngam finished one round leh!

    sasha : why is fly air asia kena rush one ar?

    horny : hahaha u been doing that arent you?!

    lehbit : How u know his didi small?!!! u tried before izzit?!! KAKAKAKAKAK!!!!

    mike : dun say him la ... i read i also feel the pain lol

    moo_t : darwin awards? apetu har?

    linpeh : no wonder what??!!

    rycerain : maybe they should send the guy to cooking classes la ...

  10. aiyo... tutup api masuk bilik ler.. so dangerous lidat ! pancake can cook later mah... LOL


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