23 February 2007

Harley Davidson No Flaw Design

The Creator of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, die edi and go to heaven. Then at the gate there got one Angel :

Angel : Oh you that fler that make the Harley motobike one har?
Davidson : Ya ya! thats me ...
Angel : Oh good! God wanna meet lu come follow me.

Later Angel introduce Davidson to God ledi then Angel leave them both alone. At this point of time Davidson speaks out :

Davidson : God ar ... you created women one rite anot?
God : Yes ah ... why?
Davidson : I discovered major flaw in your design la
God : What flaw?
Davidson : Well the front part sticking out too far, affecting the overall balance ledi.
God : Hmm .. is that all?
Davidson : Got sommo ... the bottom end hor too big also and its wobbles too much even at regular speed.
God : Anymore flaws?
Davidson : Yes .. one more! The intake is placed too close to the exhaust ... this will sometimes affect the intake if the exhausted are not cleaned properly.
God : Is that all?
Davidson : Yes, i belif thats all God.
God : Ok ok you may be right at some point and even tho my creation is not as perfect as your Harley Davidson motobike but you cant deny the fact that there are more people riding my creation compares to yours ok?!



  1. cool...
    but women's exhausts are ALWAYS clean... if not, cleaner than men's... wakaka...

  2. sweat. =.= macam macam ada.

  3. sweat. =.= macam macam ada.

  4. Anonymous2:13 pm

    hahaha. You are right , God.

  5. God is so clever....

  6. lesson no1, dun fight god..

  7. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Eerrr... ride not the other way round wan meh?


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