11 February 2007

Toking Kok in a Restaurant Near You!

We actually been having toking kok session once every two to three weeks, this week we got a spesel guest star who just flew in from Perth Aus.

I was calling this girl ....

Me : Elo! where lu?
Girl : In KLCC shopping
Me : Oi u told me 4pm go yum char one wor!
Girl : Oh shit! I forgot! I saw this pair of shoes and I just forgot bout it!
Me : Oh ... i think there is a name for that kinda shoe fetish lol!
Girl : Ok ok i kambing now!

30 minutes later she arrived at the Cahaya LRT station and we proceed to Tsim Tung Pandan Indah. Whis that girl?

Nah! this is her photo :

Cynthia Foo from Perth

Lemme tell you a lil bit about this girl ... she really got outgoing personalities and needless to say she also got the attention of everyone in the restaurant also la!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

Super Cham ping

mango juice and sperm look alike juice

Butter polo bun!

Pork chop Burger

Ice cream toast for the preggy!

Made in Hong Kong Wantan

Made in Hong Kong Chow Taufu & Chow Fish Cake!

It was TEH FUN! Cynthia is funny and no nid to tell u that we all gila gila kaki sure funny one la! Sommo Hamhai Aceone aka Yinsi-Yat metup with his long lost girlpren also lol!!!

Who want join next Toking kok session?!! Apply now to be the next Guest Star!!!

P.S. niahma ... one lenglui deleted one of my pic from my camera!!!


  1. Anonymous9:04 am

    i apply!! i oso wanna tokkok!!

  2. Sorry ah... yesterday I service my car till late, too many ppl and que up so long lah.

  3. tan silly you are hamsap kai wan not gila kaiki...

    wa ka ka ka ka ka ka

  4. Anonymous2:16 pm

    lol... Got one lenglui delete your pic...u mean shiryeen ar?

  5. next time call me earlier lahhH!!! kakakka
    i wuz rotting at home while waiting for my fren

  6. yes i agree that lady damn good fun wan!

  7. next time I go tok kok wif u...yday candlenight dinner.....

  8. Uahh... 2 ppl eat so many things one ah?

  9. Anonymous8:15 pm

    walan leh cheebye ... you paedophile lanjiao!

    stop harassing young chicks!


    eh next time dont call la, mahai private number i dont asnwer wan, sms saja la ...

  10. the food looks damn tempting weih...
    so sad that it's so so far away.. :(

  11. Anonymous12:59 am

    nahbeh! your joke craked ppl up lar!
    make me laugh so laugh until whole restaurant ppl looking at me..and you ppl sumore say: oh! from Perth..not malaysian!
    hey! see u next time..thanks being my tourguide here. im not shoe fetish lar! i only buy shoew every 3 years..no shoew back there mah!!hahaah

  12. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Wei!!! anyone found that "tunnel" anot? kakakaka!! Nabeh!!!

  13. chow tau fu... nasty

  14. Mahai ! got leng looi u no call Lin Peh wan ?


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