8 February 2007

And You Thought Fart is Invisible huh?

After we introduce our previous product The Plugup Air Freshener we at the Rojaks Institute of Scientific Researches begun to look deeply into the myth that fart is always undetectable with naked eyes.

After days of frantic research, we finally found a way that will enable us human to detect a silent FART with our naked eyes.

This experiment were the first of its kind and to our knowledge it had never been done before. For the first time on your life ... you will be able to actually see a FART.

In the past you are only able to identify a FART thru your sense of smells but that is a thing of the past! Today you will see with your very own pair of eyes how does a FART looks like!

Fart is no longer a myth and with our soon to release special coated spectacles and contact lenses, you will be able to identify a FART from anywhere, anytime .. EVEN in total darkness!!!

Dont take our words for it! See It yourself!

If you are interested in ordering this spesel product prior to its launching date, just call the 1-800-suckers now and we will ship it to you as soon as we got it made!!! You gonna be the few first in this world to actually be able to detect a FART with your own eyes!!!


  1. woah this fler fart dem alot!! kakaka

  2. this wan tipu wan la.....

    it looks like smoke cumming out from poor diesel engine

  3. Anonymous10:35 am

    It's actually a standing squid lah!

  4. that's not fart aldy, that's lausai.

  5. Anonymous2:31 pm

    eh why u copy me keh ...

    haul ur ass to the high court then u know ...


  6. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Fart is warm gas, so it is detectable with a thermal camera. Still funny though...lolx

  7. anonymous you are right
    fart is a warm gas
    but that termal camera show black
    black in termal camera is COOL
    so that wan is lie


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