18 February 2007

Chinese New Year - Nin Chor Yat

Every year Nin Chor Yat morning also kambek parents house to have lunch, this year aso no different.

Chinese New Year is lidis one ... Eat, HOT, Watch TV, Still HOT, drink soda, Still Farking HOT, Gamble gamble gamble, Eat more, Watch TV then sleep!

Now I m Watching Alan Tham concert at parents house, Alan Tham wor!!! I doubt young generation got listen to Alan Tham anymore but old folks like me dem like it when they airing Alan Tham concert lol! Prolly bcoz I can sing most of Alan's song la ... niahma I know I old fart ok?!

Alan Tham

I whacked one container of Kuih Kapit

Pity My robot kena tortured by me bcoz i m too bored lol

Lil DEvil's Golden Piggy

Then Watch more TV

I dont think I can survive lidis mia life ... not even for one week!!! ARGHHH!!! Who want play Mahjong??!!!


  1. what la? bored oredi? only first day wor!

  2. wah... so you're also into this sponsored post eh?

    ok, mahjong, where? haha!

  3. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Kesian. Play with lil devil la :P

  4. how come the other day didnt sing alan tham song!?!? kkakakka

  5. Wingzz I can play mahjong.. Enuf kaki or not?? Not enuf call me pls....

  6. how much money you won adi? :P

  7. go out side la at least go to ferris wheel at titiwangsa

  8. Anonymous1:54 am

    I'm 24 and I like Alan Tam ALOT! I missed the 1pm show cos I overslept... Will catch it on 3am today hehe!!!

  9. wah... i live alan tham also, i also listen to old song 1, as long as the song r nice, kolek boh ? he is already 50, still can sing and jump around for 2 hours concert huh? tabik la...

  10. i after first day also bored !!

  11. Anonymous3:13 am

    Woi..you play mahjong dis time dowan turn table ar, can ar?????

  12. Anonymous3:57 am

    hahahhahahahahaha...yeah laR...CNY is like that...no fireworks maHH...hahahahhahaah ...but yeah it's damn hot..but nowadays got aircon liao...hahahahhahaah :D

    gong xi gong xi

  13. cho tai tee lar!!! LOL

    if bored call for batang meet lar ...tiuuuu


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