9 February 2007

Valentine Day T-shirt that would help you get LAID

Just like last year, we at ROjaks Daily are very concerned over your sex life and would like to help you get laid on Valentine's day.

Last year we are selling those cute cute soft toys to give to your gf/wife/mistress but this year we decided to be a little more bolder! We want to help you send the message across LOUD AND CLEAR!

We KNEW how much you wanna get laid on Valentine day so we did some deep deep research and we found out that T-shirt would make the best "I wanna get laid" gift of all time!!

Without further delay .... here is our collection of Valentine day T-shirt that would help you get laid this Valentine Day!

Look at my chest when I am talking to you!
Lets face it ... if you got gf lidis, you wont be looking at her face when you are talking to her rite?
RM 99.90 Free Delivery!

Dont hate me because I m beautiful, Hate me because I have huge boobs.
This t-shirt will give your gf/wife a HUGE ego boost! Even tho shes is not as huge but nevertheless you still get laid! LOL!
RM 99.90 Free Delivery!

This one would be ideal for Lisan
Wasnt picked for cheerleading
A & B cup only
RM 49.90 Free Delivery

FRESH MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those who got fetish for milk or lack or nutrients, you should get this T-shirt for your other half to ensure you have enuff nutrients to survive the night!
D cup and above!
RM 89.90 Free Delivery

if u c4n r34d this u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l4id
Would make great V day gift for your geeky gf!
Free size!
RM49.90 Free delivery!

My nipples get harder than most guys dicks!
This is like a trick la ... then to prove that shes is wrong ... u take out your dick and and her to touch while u gets to touch her nipple and see which is harder!
D cup and above!
RM 89.90 Free Delivery

I <3 Penis
Well not all t-shirt we have here are meant for guys! Here is a fine example of a t shirt that would be ideal for gal too! Gerentik to get you at least 1 penis!
RM 99.90 Free Delivery

Click here to see me naked
If your girlfriend is in the IT line, this will do the trick!
RM 189.90 Free Delivery
Gerentik to get u laid wan!!!

Size Does Matter!
We rekomen C cup but sometime D cup also can!
RM 189.90 Free Delivery
WARNING : dont buy this tshirt for your gf/wife/mistress if u got small dick ok?

This one free size and please take note that you are not suppose to give this t-shirt to your gf/mistress/wife. This t-shirt is meant for your current/future mader in law wan!
F.O.C. with Free delivery!!!

No Rolex No SEX!
This one we specially made for those sucker that love to date money sucking chicks! It comes with a fake rolex too!
RM 888.88 FREE delivery
(since u r a sucker, we thot we might as well screw you along the way also la)

Lift this T-Shirt Before Taking Photos
We would recomend this t-shirt to you if your gf is a blogger, as you know blogger love to camwhore and everytime before she take a pic your would have to lift her shirt! NEAT huh?!
RM 89.90 free delivery!

This t-shirt would look good on your bedroom floor!
This t-shirt sell itself ... need we say more? of coz the girl will look better on your bed la!! LOL!
RM 99.90 Free Delivery
(30 days money back gerenti)

Shut Up & Lick it!
This one is our favourite pick this year! Boss stewie would love this! He got this licking fetish one... thats why he loves lecka lecka LOL!
RM 199.90 Free delivery!

Best If Eaten By Midnight
This is the only G-string that we put into our Valentine's day collection, a MUST BUY if you wanna get LAID by midnite!
RM99.90 free delivery!

Fresh Jugs Delivered To Your Door
This one not for sale ... this is for display only! LOL!
Why? lets face it .... Malaysian where got so big wan??!! If sell also no one buy la diu!

Erm .. this is complicated LOL!
If you are into fetish and kinky stuffs ... then this is for you! i mean your gf not u ...
RM 59.90 Free delivery!

If your dick was as big as your mouth, i might be interested!
Make sure you got a big mouth if you wanna buy this tshirt for your gf. Buy at own risk!
RM 99.90 Free delivery!

Call the number on your screen now! Offer valid while stock last!!! FREE delivery with all purchase!


ROjaks Fashion ... almost a Gerentik Sexperience every Valentine's Day!


  1. OI. I AM a cheerleader la!

    what didnt get pick.
    niama. i HEAD cheerleader arh!


  3. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Wuah..!!! all the nen nen so big wan.

  4. oh.my.god. lucky my dad is not around when i read this page. scare my dad see d lau bei huet. ngek ngek!


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