6 February 2007

Malaysia Top 50 Most Influential Blogs

As far as I know, Syedsyahrul did a list of Malaysia's top 70 Popular blogs back in May 2006 and now we got a list of 50 Most Influential Blogs in Malaysia Done by Sabahan.com

Two of my buddy BryanSapien (2nd place) and Alexallied (9th Place) made it to the top 10 and this is what they gotta say when i called them for an offiSIAL Rojaks interbiu :

BryanSapien : I feel funny, I think will sure have lots of critiques after this.


AlexAllied : Who are you??!!! Why your handphone no number wan??!! I derno what you toking about la! What what influential blogger? I think my blog no influence one la!

Haha! I m serious! this is what they said! No kid you one!

Rojaks Daily ranked 13th place as the most influential Blog in Malaysia, sceptical it may seems because Rojaks Daily is anything but influential!

To be honest I m kinda amazed also la, the fact that Rojaks Daily are not widely publicised by the media compares to others blogs and that I m not well known public figures like the others and yet be able to rank among the best. Seriously I m Honoured!!

Hmm ... maybe if I show my pikture in my blog prolly I could get better ranking after this??!!

Errrmmm .... NAH! keep dreaming!!! LOL!


  1. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Niamah, you put me on the table! Please don't flame kau meeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

  2. Anonymous2:02 pm

    It was me. Forgot to fill up the text fields.

  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Pheww Pweeeettt!!!
    Like that whatever you write, I must take seriously liao. Also cannot simply comment here.
    Influential bloggers always kena sue wan!!

  4. I oredi told you that you are Taikor! U don wan to listen oni...

  5. Woah! *thumbs up for rojaks*

  6. woot! congrats wingz! :D

  7. Wuah? Really ah? Where you read wan? How come I derno dis wan? Who else is there ah? Who ah? Where ah?

    Taikor! Tabik! I veli proud to be associated with Si Heng!

    That one Bryan hor...is my webhost. Veli gud wan. You want your own dot com, cari Bryan. Ah Pek, Wingz, I semua hampalang his clients. He also moonlight as PayPal chettiar. And hor, if his serbis not gud, you can hire me and I go pour red paint for you. I collect 70-30. I take 70.

  8. me so proud of u! kakaka

  9. Niama. U bribe 9 him ah ? LOL! How cum the fucker no list best humsap blog wan ? Tiu ! HAHAHAH !

  10. Anonymous9:45 pm

    wtf, call me on business hour and interbiu, kacau my dealings with customer!! But thanks for the info. dude, wakakaka, it was funny tho.

  11. U influence me write more jokes mah... consider la... kekeke

  12. Anonymous3:07 am

    bias bullshit!


  13. Anonymous7:08 am

    so what did u win :D

    congrats man...nice recognition to continue blogging eh


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