10 February 2007

Kelantan, Malaysia

Kelantan seems to be a very remote state to me and that is prolly why i never thot of going to Kelantan for holiday also.

But the other day ... I kena forced to go! So no choice ... die die must go!

Nah this is the photographs i took on my first trip to Kelantan.

Everyone can fly

Lady making keropok

Packed keropok

Keropok actually looks like mud before they are cooked

Keropok by the weight

Red stall by the roadside

Huge River

One straight road

That empty space is actually someone's front yard!

Thats Nik Aziz's house

Kota Bahru Airport

Kelantan is actually a very peaceful and beatiful state, will u belif me if i tell you that their jewelry shop no jaga wan?!! Its teh peaceful! Would definitely go back to Kelantan again soon!


  1. Anonymous3:37 am

    No guard wan ar? Then they can be an easy target.... I wonder why the thief don't have any interest to rob this kind of shop? Maybe no challenge = no fun...

  2. you are lying la tan silly,
    you didnt go to kelantan...

    if you go there you must tell everybordy you had satay for breakfast wan and cheap too

    dun lie to me my pops from there

  3. Anonymous8:11 am

    I am Kelantanese and I really damn proud of you writing something about Kelantan :-) So peaceful and beautiful wan

  4. Tiu ! The guard resigned liao after the recent subang parade incident la ! :-(

  5. what to do for fun there?

  6. Wuching!
    tan silly must go to golok wan
    you you can go there without your 'red book note'

    just across some river onli...

    Lin Peh sure wan punya

  7. Anonymous10:19 pm

    News alert! Kelantan religious officials arrested a man that is known as Wingz the other day. He has been charged with holding hands in public. News sources said that he was caught on camera holding his right hand with his left hand.

  8. OI when u go kelantan? how come i duno wan? y dun bring me go oso? kakakakkaka

  9. Anonymous9:06 am


  10. Anonymous9:18 am

    Err... do u mean, his right hand with Doc's left hand ?

    Why shy shy ? admit lar lol

  11. Yup, that's the MB's House.
    As modest as the owner.
    Hope others follow....


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