4 February 2007

OMFG!!! Amadika's Talk Show Talks About Malaysian Bloggers

I think i found this video thru 4896's blog, I m not here to tell you what i think is right or wrong but I would like to highlight 2 things that were said by the host and guests of the talk show la.

The host in the TV talkshow said this :

“What kinda newspaper do they have in Malaysia that they would sue somebody for speaking their mind when its kinda like their job to exposed people’s opinion, I think?”

HAHAHA! not i said one hor!!! They said one har!!! dont sue me!!!

Then the guest is more funny la! ... he said this :

“To me I think this two bloggers would not stand down, I think they are a couple of young guys … “
Meh! Young guys wor! niahma they got do research 1st before they talk about it anot wan??!! KAKAKAKA!!!

And this is the video of the abovementioned talk show :


  1. Anonymous1:43 am

    They also mentioned about the piracy here also.

    We are so fehmes!! Kakka...

  2. Anonymous12:49 am

    wah the malaysian blogspot fella fehmes man, kena big time pimping ...


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