28 February 2007

Together Gather Sneak Peek Part 1

All your goldfish uncle!!! You wanna know who you will be able to meet at the party anot??!!! If you derno then dont worry la!! I will be giving you a little bit sample to see first ok?!!!

Lemme introduce you to this HAWT chick!! Her name is Jessbabe and she is going to the gathering!!!

How HAWT is she? You judge for yourself la!!

Which gold fish uncle wan go swim?

Almost can see ledi! almost!!! a little bit more only!!


Wanna see more? Come to the Party la! ops ... almost full ledi! left 6 seats only!!! FAST FAST REGISTER AH!!! Full ledi then soli liow la!

Ok la i know u wanna see more one la! nah goto her blog la! [http://flippingskirt.wordpress.com] ... I get to see her in person at the party!!! Dun jeles can??!!!


  1. wah !!!! piao mei!!!!!!
    This one available onot wan?

  2. Anonymous9:51 pm

    thanks a lot for promoting me.. haha!!! Can't wait to see you all..

    loves, hugs and kisses from your truly jessbabe

  3. aiyah. how come don put my pictures. sure more leng loi cum wan. i mean COME.

  4. Anonymous12:07 am

    niama, u become pimp already ar nowdays ... chauhai!

    after that nite she kena stalk, kidnap, rape how?

    wondering how many of you paedo fuckers are wanking to her pic rite now ...

  5. Anonymous12:50 pm

    oi Wingz ... stop wanking to her photos!

  6. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Hoi.you got bikin map anot? kakakaka

  7. Wingz ... I wanna get one tix please. Is it still anymore vacancy available?

    Email me at splashmilks at gmail.com

  8. Anonymous4:37 pm

    sure got people nose bleeding that night wan!

  9. Anonymous9:15 pm

    thank you wingz..much much for featuring me!!!


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