15 February 2007

The Dump Of The Year!!

ITS TEH OVER!! no more Valentine!!! I hope guys/gals/uncles/aunties got laid, if not ... well too bad then, better luck next year!

Now back to business, I got in my email this audio clips, apparently its taken from a radio show in UK whereby a DJ by the name of DannyDum helped a guy dumped his cheating fiance.

The story is something lidis one :

Craig ( a guy) learnt from one of his frend/relative that his gf, which hes gonna propose to pretty soon were caught giving her married boss a bj during her company's christmas party. So he sought the help from Danny the DJ to dump his ex gf live on AIR the DannyDum style.

Enjoy yourself with the audio clip below :

DannyDum The Dump Of The Year

Yea its abit cruel ... not that i m all for it ok? I m just telling you that there is actually this kinda radio show on this world only lol!

And please do not do this at home ok? this flers are trained professionals!


  1. Anonymous1:15 am

    1st to comment..!muahahhaa

  2. wingz..
    I bet there's gonna be a news article on how a girl committed suicide after listening to a radio cast..


  3. Anonymous9:58 am

    You should listen to this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xzs-ibFMLQ

    Radio cast is FUN!

  4. Well at least Danny confirmed that she actually did that. Poor Craig.

  5. Have great FUN at Cancun, Craig!
    Coz now your former biatch of a GF can blow her married boss anytime you feels like flossing. That is, if both of them didn't die of extreme Malu-ness! buahahahaha

  6. Anonymous2:53 pm

    LOL. Wah~ so harsh. but yeah, she deserved it.


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