9 April 2011

Malaysia Petronas Sepang F1 Grand Prix 2011

Was Given The Golden Opportunity to be part of Malaysia Petronas Sepang F1 Photographer team in charge of all the Grand stand area. The instruction given is pretty clear cut ... Take photographs of anything that moves! F1 Cars moves right? lol!

These photographs were taken on Friday during Practice session. Since there are not much people around on Friday so I got plenty of chances to shoot all the F1 cars and it has been a while since i practice Closeup panning.

Cut the crap short, here is the photographs. Click to enlarge ok? :)

M. Webber Redbull!

Sebastien Buemi

Sebastian Vettel!

Adrian Sutil

Nico Rosberg

Fernando Alonso

Jenson Button

Michael Schumacher


  1. You shoot using what lens? Min need a 400 here ....

  2. bingo! i m using a Sony 70-400mm G


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