2 April 2011

Elik the Hamsap Kapcai Biker

Elik the hamsap biker was riding his Honta C70 kapcai crossing penang bridge when he see a HAWT tall girl trying to jump from the bridge, so he stopped n rush over to her.

Elik : Hey girl! What you doing here?
Girl : I hate my life! I m going to suicide!

Elik then think to himself "Wahlau eh! this chick dem HAWT sial! if die just lidat abit waste! ... "

Elik : Before you jump ... can you at least tell me your name?
Girl : My name is michelle
Elik : Michelle ... if you really gonna jump ... can you at least lemme french kiss you deep deep for the last time?
Girl : Ok .. I agree but you have to promise you will tongue me deep deep one ok?
Elik : OK SET!!

Elik so hamsap of coz he practically have his tongue deep in her throat lar! ... few minutes later when they are done the girl, michelle preparing to go back to her jump again ... then Elik asked.

Elik : Tell me one thing before you jump .... you so HAWT ... you kissed me till i wet my pants .... your body make my knees goes weak ... you boobs is every men's dream. Why you wanna die?

Girl : My parents dont allow me to dress like a girl! and btw my real name is Michael Yip ...

Soon after she said that ... Elik jumped from Penang bridge ahead of "michelle yip" KAKAKAKA!!!


  1. The funniest part is that the supposed girl is name Michael Yip LOL.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. No wonder can see kapcai parked there la... =P

    hahaha.. good one! :D

  4. That is funny, the hamsap biker deserves it.


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