11 April 2011

The All New Petronas PRIMAX95 XTRA!!!

Apart from the amazing PETRONAS F1 GRand Prix Sepang 2011 race that took place on the 10th of April 2011, do you know what else is so amazing about 10th of April 2011?

Its the launching of a new Fuel PRIMAX95 XTRA by PETRONAS!!!

WHAT? You dint know yet?!! NO NID SKET! Ayam here to tell you all about it!

If you been to any one of the 900+ PETRONAS station natiowide on Sunday afternoon ... you would definitely noticed signs lidis one ....

it says "Kami ada minyak baru PRIMAX95 EXTRA, LEBIH JIMAT ... LEBIH POWER!"

So ... what is this PRIMAX95 Xtra is all about?

  1. Firstly ... this PRIMAX95 XTRA is a new class of fuel inspired by the developement in Formula one fuel technology!
  2. This PETRONAS PRIMAX95 XTRA will be able to give you improved acceleration and fuel economy thus more milage per liter! BESTEST!!! a very welokam news that eases the wallet in times lidis!
  3. PRIMAX95 XTRA also comes with UPGRADED detergents to clean your engine more effectively from within, this itself will improve your engine performance thus giving you better acceleration and better milage lor!
  4. It will be made available to everyone from 10th April onwards in all Petronas Station nationwide!
  5. SAME PRICE!!!! Same like others RON95!!! BEST!
If you are like me .... n got bored of V Pahwer one! Now we got new hope ledi! Petronas is here to give us drivers new hope!

GO ahead! wat you waiting ah? Go to the nearest petrol station and look out for this new logo for PRIMAX95 XTRA!

I filled mine ledi! Pahwer Sial! Dun wait long long liau la! Faitit fill PRIMAX95 XTRA la! :)

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