31 August 2009

Sony Alpha DSLR A850 / α850 landed in Malaysia

Couple weeks ago, I was asked by a friend of mine to come out and test drive the all new Sony Alpha A850. The moment I saw the A850 ... it strucked me! ... WTF?! A900?!

Apparently the "ALL NEW" Sony Alpha A850 is sharing the same magnesium alloy body frame with its big brother A900 therefore its not strange if you would identify a Sony Alpha A850 as A900 as well.

From the top, Dial, shutter release, ISO, LCD, Drive butons

Closeup of the top right side of the Alpha A850

Alpha A850 with a VG-C90AM (A900) vertical battery grip.

DOF switch


Identical GUI with those in Alpha A900

Setting Display on Hi-Res LCD

CF and Memory stick slot

Cover open

Camwhoring with the Alpha A850

Being the first few to actually play with the Alpha A850 in Malaysia, I often asked by fellows alpha users what do I think about the new Alpha A850 ... to which I answered "Alpha A850 is a 3fps Alpha A900" the truth is of coz not as simple as that but its as close as it gets.

If you wanna know what kinda specs this Alpha A850 carries simply google for the sopecs of Alpha A900 and minus the 100% viewfinder counverage, 5 fps and replace them with 98% viewfinder coverage, 3fps and you get yourself a Alpha A850!

But Why A850? since A850 is almost 98% of a A900? What is A850 purpose of existance?

Lemme explains this with an equation ..... the first equation is ...

A850 = 98% A900

Retail price for A900 & A850 in Malaysia is :

A900 Retail $ @ RM8,999 (100%)
A850 Retail $ @ RM6,999 (77%)

Hence the conclusion is .... with Alpha a850 you will be paying 77% (RM6,999) to get a DSLR (Alpha a850) thats suppose to be worth 98% (RM8,819) of an Alpha A900!

In other words .... Its freaking CHEAP! The most value for money full frame DSLR in the market by far!

So now you should know the reason behind Alpha A850 existance. Great news for those photographers whom wanted upgrade to full frame DSLR! No better time than now!

Looks like sony is serious about increasing their market share in the FF category ... :)


  1. wat about d lens ya?
    it comes with wat lens ??

  2. wei .. brada ..

    i think u can save a bit n get this FF body lahhh ... if full package cheaper, then just get it loh~


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