11 August 2009

This is Why You Should Not Insert Stuffs into your Xhole!!

This is why .....

So .. if you goto gym n u suspek the other fler got insert "stuffs" into his rectum wan ... then u farking make sure u dun stand behind him at all cost ok? ... u might never know when that fler will sneeze wan! kakakakaka!!!

Tenkiu brader Zewt for the "interesting" video! lol


  1. Hahaha.... love the video. Damn lucky my present gym the shower got divider punya. If not, sure jialat.... Nice one!

    From: kysham.

  2. this wan fake wan la........
    if you sneeze were got that goo cum out?

  3. this is so funny... its just like in those comic strips but this is real life person.. i will make sure never to stand behind someone who is going to sneeze.

  4. OMG there goes my dinner

  5. hahaha... no worries...


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