29 August 2009

Fierce Singapore Ahlian Bashing Ahbeng Boyfriend's Balls in Public

This morning I was reading this article in The Star which wrote about how one Singapore Ahbeng kena weck in the balls by his Ahlian Gerpren in Publis and the whole incident were recorded by a passerby and later uploaded to the internet!

Woman caught on video hitting boyfriend’s private parts

Then it crossed my mind ... eh mch! I just watched this video yesday only!!! Then I dig dig and finally found the video!!!

Nah! here izzit!

I really pity the Ahbeng la! I watch the video i also pain ... I derno why he so steady can stand there like dem cool lidat and continue let her weck, slap with high heels, grab his balls and get the kick the shit outta him!!! Then it crossed my mind ... maybe this Ahbeng no balls wan?! AH! that exprens why he no pain when kena weck!!!

This Ahlian dem fierce ok? If you got this kinda GF then God bless you la!!!

If you is Ahbeng and you been suffering this kinda treatment from your gf ... worry not!!! Send me your videos taken while your gf abuse lu and I will help u get justice!!!! Dun shy shy!!! I can make u fehmes wan!!! KAKAKAKAKAA!!!

To all Ahlians watching this video .... dun so FIERCE CAN?!!!


  1. Eh...that Ah Beng so stupid. Kena whack already still stand there like kayu.

    Guys are useless. They deserve it. If it's me, I'll chop it off and fry it like pisang goreng.

  2. i have a girl friend, means gal mia fren... also alwiz abuse me one. u go fb see my picture. whack 9 me till got cut n blood!

  3. video has been removed from Metacafe, go youtube:


  4. Anonymous2:11 am

    woh...he really has no feeling when the ahlian hurt his balls..he did fall back a little and then stand back straight up...

    i think the ahlian was asking the ahbeng to take away his hand for her to hit...damn scary man...kesian him...

  5. dat ah beng dam 7 bodoh lo...i dun pity him at all wei..

  6. SCU148L

    Avoid this car at all cost. Haha.

  7. last time i used to have such gf but not as bad as this one ahlian... who bang her bf's ball kuat kuat! i fired my then gf...useless!

  8. kakaka ... i also posted my version here ... courtesy from your link lehhh kakaka ^^


  9. Ah Beng not bodoh.. jus unlucky..

    but also lucky coz drive BM mahhh ...
    also lucky can DIU CHI BAI many hot chics~ Even might DIU CHIBAI this rich chic~

    SO? he BODOH mehhh? i tell u .. later or next few nites he would Diu CHIBAI this chic again kow kow one ..

    conclusion - Ah Beng happy Diu CHIBAI~

  10. apparently that fella is a director of a company... shite!

  11. maybe he was caught xxxx another girl leh...and his GF is the reason why he was made the director of the company.....so...tai sei lor...


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