6 August 2009

In this country you must have her consent to have SEX with her!

I blogged about why everyone should have at least 1 hongky fwen rite? You know what other fwen u must have also? Its a french fwen!!! French is great peeple!!! their ingrish is also powderful like Hongky also!!! and the best part is ... they are the one who created french fries and french kiss!!! but still i prefer to fwen with french bcoz of their ingris ....

Here is why .... this is a story about a french in Amadika being charge of raping a girl ... and a note prior to reading ... "Hi" means I, "Hin" means in, Hit means it ... u get the drill?

One summer, a few years ago, a middle age French-Canadian man named Jacques decided to vacation on the coast of Maine. While soaking up some sun on the beach, a very pretty girl caught his eye and his sexual desires.

He immediately got up, ran to her, grabbed her by the hand and brought her to his hotel room. There he had sex with her and then sent the young lady on her way. She immediately reported this to the police and Jacques was arrested.

On his court date the judge asked him if he understood the nature of the crime he committed against the young lady.

Jacques looked at the judge with a bewildered look and said "Non!! Hi don't understand! Hin my country you grab de pretty girl, bring her to de hotel room, BOOM-BOOM, give hit to her den let her go! Hit's O.K.!!!"

"Sir", the judge said, in THIS country if you are to have sex with a lady, you must have her permission first, or it is considered rape. You must have her consent!"

After hearing this, Jacques turned around and mysteriously looked at the judge and exclaimed, "CUNSCENT!!! Hi got her cunscent!!! Hi got her cunscent on my fingers, cunscent on my mustache, hi got her cunscent everywhere!!!

P.S. : Many thanks to unclegoldfish cocka for this wonderful joke


  1. we must seek for cuntscent for everything? :(

  2. Anonymous4:51 pm

    as it is, there is no end to french jokes and their take on the english language

  3. haha! nice one. but why french... why not spanish, or other country leh??

  4. I guess if you're very much exposed to the terms used in the 'underground' areas only would the joke be understandable....haha


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