24 August 2009

H1N1 Prevention ... the Chinese way!

I was feeling pretty heaty and my gums is kinda swollen (due to lack of sleep ler .. thanks to TVB series!) and i try my best not to step into any clinics for the fear of picking up H1N1

Being an Ahbeng comes with few advantages ... one of them is ... we got access to chinese medicines ... better known as herbs treatment the nature's way.

There is this Chinese medicine hall which is located in Jln. Besar Ampang (which my parents always goto) they have been there for more than 40 yrs ledi and this is where I met Mr. Yip ... the owner of this chinese medicine hall.

He then show me a piece of paper ... saying that his son downloaded this from the INTERNET and print it out for him ... its a list of herbs that can prevent you from getting H1N1!!! the best part is ... its not even expensive ok?! ONLY RM4.50 per pack it even comes with preparation instructions!!!

I got myself a few packs! ... i drank it yesday night b4 i goto sleep and this morning my gum no more swelling edi .... according to Mr Yip ... we get flu bcoz body heaty ... this packet of herbs will take care of that plus boost your immune system.

Like most of the chinese medicine ... its bitter and dark dark color by the time its done but what is a bit of bitterness compares to the odd of getting H1N1? Gimme bitter medicine anytime!!! I aint pussy ok?!

Now there you have it ... H1N1 prevention leong char! make sure u go get one for yourself n your family ok?!! just print out the 2nd pic n bring it to any chinese medicine hall will do. Tell them dont bruff u! dont give u fake stuffs!

Be Safe, be healthy!


  1. my dad is a pharmacognosist!im on the other hand, go WEST. i think i should drink that herbal thing for once (again)

    im not feeling that feel either. =(

  2. hey thanks for sharing this. i always have faith in chinese herbs due to the many positive experience previously. if i do need this, at least i know i can bring the prescription to any singseh...

  3. Anonymous2:58 pm

    nothing like an au natural chinese herbal drink to keep the flu down, apart from the western "chemical" medicine...which does more harm than good..

  4. Walao, like dat you start news conference la, title is: "All-in one H1N1 prevention medicine" and tell the whole world about this, sure got many ppl buy and u can earn a lot of $$$ by selling it RM20 per pack. Dun a lot, say 1mill ppl buy, RM15.50 x1 mil = RM15.5 mil...

  5. ya like what ultima said, you copyright this formula then can sell hahahahah

  6. Nooooooooooooo............. I hate chinese medicine taste. Thank god there's no chinese herb shop here or else my mom is going to make me drink that.

  7. Got gerenti or not?

  8. Anonymous6:45 pm

    This medicine sure will taste bitter >.<

  9. western medicine also taste bitter
    even more bitter than chinese wan...

    dun belif ar?
    try put panadol in your mouth
    take the capsule out from any pain killer drug then put in your mouth....

  10. I also go to the chinese medical hall to get some herbs to cooler down our heat. Bitter is ok mah. Like the old folks says - foo hau leong yeok, right?

  11. wah...can berif onot 1? his son dl from internet wo.can anyone certify or test the reliability of the medicine? if got side effect the owner gonna liable ar?dun pray2 ooo


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