4 August 2009

When Hamsap Ahbeng Go Interview

Not only Ahbeng but we guys in general loves to think ourselves as very lengjai/attractive one! Thats why u see guys very like to watch James Bond movies ... bcoz in James bond guys always very hansem one and the chicks throw themselves at him ... so after watch james bond movie ledi we will perasan abit lidat! Just like after watch Jackie Chan mia movie ... we suddenly feel our kungfu up-ED a few level ledi one lol!

And Today u all Ahbengs will learn how this perasan-ness can acherly farkED u up in an interbiu with a lenglui and a Botak mahlatlow!

Dont blink ok? and must watch till the end one! if not you dont understand geh! And most importanly ... dont Luff so loud! Later your kolik thinks you gila wan!!! kakakaka!


  1. hahahaha good one!

  2. Hahahahahaha!!!! i cannot tahan seeing their shocked face when they find out that is that man's legs....

  3. like the supply eh? hehe...

  4. wah!! you must have done this to countless malatlous coming to your office for interviews hor to weed out the competitions. :p

  5. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Damn funny LOL


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