31 July 2009

How Blackberry Hantam Apple iPhone!!!

Whats with the iPhone hype anyway? till now i also dunno whats so great about iPhone till an Ahlian fwen of mine (whois alredi in debtssss but willing to get more debtssssss) just to buy an iPhone lol .... then along the line Blackberry kam out to prey .... and the rest is being show in the short ads below ....

anden of coz apple (iPhone) hantam bek la!!!

In the end whois losing? Those baskets who is using iPhone and Blackberry la!!! kakakakaka!!! They using YOUR money to weck each others and all you get to do is watch then throw stupid words @ each others! kakakakaka!

Tenkot i m using Nokia! No-Kia izzit a parody to KIA korea brand? LOL!


  1. Nokia has nothing to do with Korean products or KIA cars.

    No-Kia means no children, read it as Hokkien la!

  2. You damn slow lah. I saw that clip when I was still in Malaysia lor... I still think my Berry rocks lah.

  3. everybody pls use Sony Ericsson thankiu.

  4. interesting... lol


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