17 July 2009

My Lame is Betina Lee

Yea i met a girl by the name of Betina Lee a few days back ... I really kenot briff my ears when my Ahlian fwen intro her to me ....

Ahlian fwen : eh lemme intro my fwen to you ... her name is Betina Lee
Me : Oh hi! nice to meet you .... i m sorry I didnt quite get your name
She : Oh .. i get that very frequent, my name is Betina Lee
Me : Belinda Lee?
She : urm no .. not belinda ... its Betina ...
Me : How do you spell that?
She : B ... E ....T ....I ....N ....A
Me : Oh wow! i dint see that coming! Unik name wei!!!
She : Tenkiu ... so wats yours?
Me : Oh how rude of me ... I m Tan .... JANTAN!!



  1. The French pronounce Jean like we pronounce 'Jan'. To make it not so obvious...it should be: "Hi, My name is Tan, Jean Tan..."

  2. if u r serious, this is dem funny wei!

  3. What does it mean, I don't get it... can you explain the joke?

  4. hahaha, totally suitable for malaysian...

  5. Anonymous5:33 pm

    yaaa really have in FB lol

  6. well these are:
    option 1
    me:well i'm lan surname kam KAM LAN.

    option 2
    me: nie bu. surname KAN.........

    well you knoe the rest la.....
    OK... I made the last wan....


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