8 July 2009

What do you do when you fight with your Mum? Auction off her Naked Photos Online la!

No, I m not making this up!

This super freaking sick shit happened in New Zealand (the place where sheep is a man best's "frend" LOL!) thereis this 18 yrs old boy/kid, Micheal put his 44 years old mother (Jennifer) naked photos online for auction at trademe.com.nz under the title "Five naked photos of my mum"after an arguement with his mother.

Then of coz the auction were later remove by the site admin ... The moral of the story here is ... if you got naked pics of yourself ... dont piss off your kids! LOL!

The story actually do not ends here ok? A second auction were put up by Micheal after the 1st one was removed! This time with her 44 yrs old mother approval!!! WTF!!!?? When contacted by the media Micheal komen was "We're not rich or anything" LOL!

His mum response was "There's nothing dodgy about them. They were taken by a family friend about eight years ago" and "I wanted 50 per cent of the sale but more than that, I miss the nice comments."

The second auction were viewed 11,000 times before the admin of the website taken them down, when contacted they told the media "We don't really want to be the place where people list photos of their mums in their underwear".

Here is 1 of the 44 yrs old Jennifer's photo for your viewing pleasure!

If you wanna see more of the pics Micheal put up for auction ... Click HERE

Moral of the entire story? DONT GO NEW ZEALAND!!!! LOL! or if you are a MILF ... then you prolly should book a tix there ASAP!!!

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