14 July 2009

Who Want Try?

One Ahbeng in Penang bring his pet dog rottweiler to the kopitiam and the kopitiam taukeh tell him to go home becoz he dunwan that fierce dog in there scaring everyone in the kopitiam.

Taukeh : Ahbeng ... pls take your dog n go home! dun sked my kastermers pls.
Ahbeng : Taukeh lu mai werry la! This rottweiler look firece only but he is very well train.
Taukeh : Ahbeng pls bring your dog out of my kopitiam can?
Ahbeng : Taukeh releks la! kam kam ... i poof to you this dog very well train one ok?

Ahbeng then ask his ferocious rottweiler to open it's mouth .... unzip his pants and take out his KKC and put it into the dog's mouth ... with his KKC still in the rottweiler mouth he hit it's head with his fist a few times and later pulled out his KKC and show to the taukeh.

Ahbeng : See? my KKC still leng ... no bite marks ...
Taukeh : Aiyah! i dun let u bring him in my kopitiam not bcoz i sked he will bite u la! I sked he will bite my other kastermers la!
Ahbeng : Kanneh! you boh trust me izzit? Nabeh i poof to you!
Taukeh : How u wan poof?

Then Ahbeng pulled out a RM100 bill from his poket, stand on a chair and made an annoucement ....

"I will give this RM100 to anyone who dare come and to try!"
Then out of nowhere one Ahlian standup and say ....

Ahlian : I do it! but i got one condition wor ....
Ahbeng : Ok ... what condition lu wan?
Ahlian : Lu have to plomise me you wont hit my head first!


  1. ... actually im kinda lost...?

  2. Bananaboy : which part u dun understand?

  3. muahahahaha...damn funny lar. i would immediately agree not to even t0uch her head if she asks me that.

  4. good one. so long no read ur funny jokes liau.

  5. this is so so so so wickedly funny... i think that's ah lian's profession...


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