1 July 2009

When we grow old ...

Overheard this conversation by 2 oldleli toking bout their husband at a hair saloon while waiting for my wife to get her hair done ....

Oldleli1 : I tell u hor ... my Ahbeng recently got this habit of bite his finger nails one, last time dont have leh! everytime i see him bite his nails hor i feel very yucky leh!
Oldleli2 : Eh ... my Ahbeng last time also lidis ... but i made him stop.
Oldleli1 : wuah ... how u do it wan? i tried everything but my Ahbeng just dun wanna stop bite nails leh!
Oldledi2 : oh ... its easy jek ... i hide his false teeth

LOL! Hey anyone will eventually grow old ok? so dont luff so loud can?

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