20 July 2009

Killing the Monday Blues

ok ok i got something to cure your monday blues pobem wan ....

I just learn this morning thru 98.8 lehlio stesen that the direct translation of Eskimo to cantonese reads as


WTF lol i thot Gay Moh is gay monster in canto ... niahma no wonder i been sked of eskimo peeples since my childhood time lol!

Then some magazine in Amadika did a survey about retired lich peeples from fortune 500 kompenis wan ...

They asked them lidis "if let u start over again ... what will you wanna impoof this round?"

The top 10 retired richest ahpek taukeh have the same answers, they said if they are given a chance to do it all over again, they would wanna spend more time with the family ... especially their chewRens instead of putting so much of their time in their businesses.

FARKIU LA! u farking lich ledi of coz u tell grandmader story la! what if u poor like me and u having trouble putting food on the table ... u gets all the time u want to spend with your family/chewrens (provided u got enuff money to feed them with) .. the only activity u guys can do together gether as family is prolly play "starve-to-death" then u can spend lotsa time with each other la! KNN!

Do you think in this world got one photographer who is into taking pics of shits? ... I mean ... look at your own shit! its a masterpiece!!! everytime got different different items innit arranged in such a way that like no like any other shit in the world wan!!! its one UNIK SHIT!! aint that worth framing up?! KAKAKAKA!!!

I think today i eat wrong medicine ledi la ....


  1. I strongly agreed to the second story. No matter you're working or studying, you must work hard for it. Otherwise, the only game you can play is "starve to death" or maybe star in a movie blokbuster called "No future because your farking lazy-ass is too heavy". Unless, you're born rich, damn bloody lucky or have higher IQ than Einstein.

    Too bad not much people realize about this.

  2. i think you really makan sala medicine today.

  3. everyone has monday blues, so don't feel bad about it, but sometimes the rich really thought of family intimacy after having all the riches in the world but no time for their beloved ones. and we commoners would certainly wish that we could start all over again by spending more time working and earn more money..

  4. Anonymous9:09 am

    What you cannot or don't have is the thing that you will cherish more - that's life.

  5. complain already the back to work lo.

    ah.. life is wonderful.

  6. ...kakaka...
    i had that same Monday blues..on n off too...

    those f**k heads r like that. U know ah? Is just like when you have no food .. you will put food as priority 1st..once you had food and full.. then your mind starts to thinking of PUSSY is your priority n scratching cock more than the FOOD d.

    That is what those RICH ppl mind doin exactly d same CCB shit.

    They are talking - Feng Leong Suet Wah(canto)

  7. Oh C Gay also means something in Tagalog! Hehehe... at least that's what I remember la :D


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