6 July 2009

Sony Alpha a230 soft launch in Malaysia

Was given a chance to do a hands on review on the newly launched Sony Alpha A230 @ The Curve Sony Style last saturday together with about 20 other Alpha enthusiast.

I was told that this Sony Alpha a230 is already up for sale in some other countries for about a month and now its finally arrived.

Created as a replacement model to the Sony Alpha A200, the new model has got a different mission from its predecessor.

Sony Alpha a230 with a wide variety of Carl Zeiss lenses for our hands on review.

Galore of A230s

Sony Alpha A230

New On-Off button which resembles the one on Nikon and Canon

Taller internal flash height eliminating shadows on your subject when using a lens with a big hood attached.

Preset Mode on the Alpha A230

New GUI with interactive "help" guidance, indentical of those found in Sony Alpha A330 as well.

Colored Fn menu compares to the monochrome layout in the old Alpha A200

Alpha A2330 with SAL DT 1855 kitlens

Dual card slots, SD and HMC duo.

Smaller battery

Smaller grip compares to A200 and they have a pretty good reason for this.

Kevin Wong, Sony product manager for Alpha division explaining the functionality of the new A230 to the crowds.

George showing a new flash HVLF20AM thats expected to hit Malaysia Market in the middle of July'09/ end July'09.

The Alpha A230 is so light even a 7 years old kid can handle it.

And here is some samples shots from the newly launched Sony Alpha A230 taken on sunday during a portraits session @ The curve Sony style Studio.

My take on the new Sony alpha A230 :
  1. 1. Sony reposition their entry level DSLR and the direction is now more favourable toward those who would like to upgrade from point and shoot. Particularly those who is seeking an upgrade from their cybershots cams.
  2. 2. Lightweight body and lens favours those who do not like to travel with heavy photography gears even kids can hold it.
  3. 3. New body design (smaller grip), new buttons and reduced size which is suppose to be more ergonomic for one hand shooting.
  4. 4. Beginners friendly, great for those who thought DSLR could be scary, easy enough for a kid to use it!
  5. 5. Fashion junky frendly with color matching accessories to compliments your fashion taste.
  6. 6. Cheap! @ RM1,799 (approximately USD529.00) there is one less reason not to move into DSLR photography.
  7. 7. Bunddled with SAL DT18-55mm f3.5-5.6 kitlens, this baby one really one great advance lens! Sharp throughout its range, great flare control (even without a hood), great colors and lightweight all in one package!
  8. 8. Improved ISO handling compares to the older Alpha A200.

Sony Alpha aA230 retail at RM1,799.00 with SAL DT 1855 kitlens, interest free easy payment scheme available for more details click HERE.


  1. most of reviews i read said that Sony A200 is better than A230??wut ur opinion on this matter??i actually plan to buy Sony A230 but bcoz of that review make me think twice (actually more than that)

  2. The a230 would be much more up-to-date than the a200.
    It's better too , I've had it for a year, no problems with the grip - I never, as an old film SLR User, use a grip - unless the lens is spinning as it does in some Nikons.
    I'd class the a 230 as better than the Canon 30D , just behind the 40D in terms of speed for sport ( that I don't shoot) .
    The a230 is better for portraiture though with a 230 and 40D level on landscapes. Depending on lens, a230 D better with its Zeiss lenses!


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