7 July 2009

I Won RM2.3 Million from SHELL!!!

No briff me?

Got this international SMS in Bahasa Malaysia .... Prolly a China number +62817892620 yesday morning telling me that I won RM2.3millions from a SHELL contest!!!

The RM3.5 million Khir Toyo Balinese design mansion/mini castle, RM3.5million wei! Yau mou?!

Now ... I only need another RM1.2 millions to be able to own a house/mansion/mini castle like Khir Toyo! Maybe tomolo morning I will get anoder SMS from China telling me I won anoder contest that i never joined before then i will goan look for Khir Toyo and buy his house with the 2 SMSes! U think he want sell to me mou?


  1. wei Bengggg is me leh.. ^^

    i still remember u leh..
    wei.... my HP same like yours leh.. china TV leh ..kakaka

    I also did received those scam-pie thingy...

    haiz... nevermind lah.

    wei, i start my blog leh.. got added u as my 1st link leh.

    Wish u can drop by n visit it too lah.. just peep peep wil do lah.

    peace ya... by d way it is -http://acesoo.blogspot.com/

  2. Anonymous1:23 am

    Khir Toyo's "house" is more like a palace. You can be royalty with connections and money!

  3. Later gonna tell you a joke ...very funny one about those things leh...

    Hope i can blog it 2molo nite ya~

  4. now got a few people also wan the house wor..maybe u'll need more money. wait for another SMS le


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