2 July 2009

Ahbeng Steal Dress

Ahbeng broke into a boutique (dress shop la!) afew times to steal dress but he so hakjai kena caught by the bangla sekiu guard and handed over to the polis which later dragged his ass to a court to be judged.

At the courtroom the judge ask him lidis one ....

Judge : Ahbeng .. i read my report here say you broke into the same boutique 4 times in 1 night.
Ahbeng : Yes taikor judge sir ... i admit
Judge: What you stole?
Ahbeng : I stole only one Prada dress Taikor judge sir!
Judge: You broke the same boutique 4 times in a night and you only stole 1 dress?
Ahbeng : Yes taikor judge sir! i no bruff u wan! oni 1 prada dress.
Judge: How is that possible? you return 4 times you could at least cart away no less than 100 dresses!
Ahbeng : Taikor judge sir ... its lidis one u see .... the first 3 times my Ahlian wife dont like the color of the prada dress .. so i kena go back tot he boutique and change different color lor.

So there ... whether u r shopping or stealing ... its the same! women is lidat wan! kakakaka!

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