10 July 2009

5 Reasons Why I Lafu Ms. Racheal Kum Singkapoh Miss Universe Deep Deep!!!

I just happened to find out whois Miss Rachael Kum.
Rachael, a manager in the medical industry and a graduate in pedagogy, will represent Singapore at the Miss Universe 2009, which will be held at the Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, on August 23 2009.
She is Singkapoh's Miss Universe wei!!! n I lafu her dip dip!!! Why I lafu her dip dip? Lemme tell u why i lafu her deep deep!

No. 1 reason why i lafu her dip dip is .... She got mehnee mehneee sui Ahlians fwens!!!!
Mana mau cari?!!

No.2 reason why i lafu her dip dip is .... her fwens whether Ahbengs or Ahlians got powderfool sense of pesyen wan wei!!! Look at their cool pesyen and try not to be jeles ok?!

No.3 reason why i lafu her dip dip is .... she is not a sexist!!! She no discriminate wan! She even willing to be fwen with a dickhead! N hugged him/her/it! how often u find this kinda nais person nowadays?!

No.4 reason why i lafu her dip dip is ... i tink shes very charitable person ... look at this pikcher ... she feed the pity hungwee girl! Awww she so suweettt~~

No.5 reason why i like Rachael Kum dip dip is .... err .. this one no nid i tell u .. u also know why la!

Now who want join me open a Rachael Kum fan kab in KL?

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  1. its a pity they wanna call off her title just because of these pictures, i do think that she's really pretty and deserve the title loh

  2. Anonymous8:07 pm

    i want! lolss

  3. Eh? Miss Universe need to be 'sook lui' one? I thought behind the scenes got a lot of 'trainings' like the one in the photos? Maybe the judges want to keep the Miss Universe to themselves only, other people cannot 'touch'!

  4. erm i felt guilty to laugh looking on these picture.


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