7 July 2009

Adult's Hotel in Nanning China, The Hotel with Happy Ending!

In China Nanning they created an adult's hotel where the adults can go there and indulge in their favourite activities!

What is Adult's hotel? This is a place where u can take your favourite biao mei come and in the end got "Happy Ending" wan! lol

Lets see how special is this Adult Hotel in Nanning ok?

This is how the room looks like ....

In every single room got one ball, a spesel Happy ending sexcercise chair and a the main attraction is a very very spesel bed!

First its the ball ... its an Sexercise ball ... as they call it ... how to use this ball? I really derno ... i mean i could imagine but its still dont seem right lol! So, i hope they got enclose a instruction manuals on how to use this ball in the room or else I do foresee lotsa Ahbengs/Ahlians is gonna end up hurting their spine! KAKAKAKAKAA!!!

Next, we got this sexercise chair for the hamsap but lazy baskets! The Ahlian will lie down on the chair and the Ahbeng will sit on that auto-thurs-tic blue thingy with a boner ... turn it on and viola!! Effort free happy ending!!! I think this chair can set speed one also LOL! The thing is ... do you think they got sanitize this sexercise chair each time the customers checked out anot? I cant imagine the chair being sticky and germsss ... eewww!!

And lastly we came to the last spesel item in the room ... the Happy Ending Bed! This bed very unik ... bcoz without this bed there is alotsa new style u kenot try! Style that u never imagine possible before! With this new bed your "Happy ending" life is raised to a new level!

How to use this bed? Its not clearly stated ... i guess they want you to be creative ler ... but not wanting you to be dissapointed .... they showed you "one" of the most favorite style that you can try!

This style is call SuperAhlian!!

How? SuperAhlian style got sexciting anot? see edi got this sudden sexcitement wanna try anot? See??! i told u that this bed is very LENG wan!! the possibilities is limitless!

And dont be afraid to Sexplore new frontier ok? The best thing is ... i heard downstairs at the ground floor got one "traditional" massage center also! so in case you hurt you back ... can go there n get a massage too! I m sure that message center also got "Happy Ending" one!!! LOL!

Nanning anyone? I can get lu discounted seats leh!


  1. Manual no got, never mind. Just have demo can alredi.

    Yoon Lee

  2. hey!!!
    no wonder linpeh is gone...
    she go the china to sell her I-wallop



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