3 July 2009

No Hidden Charges Airlines Battle! Air New Zealand takes it to a new level!

Yea .. we seen it all, no fuel surcharge la .... no admin fees la ... but thats all is old news you see ... Air New Zealanf takes "No Hidden Charges / Nothing to Hide Thingy" to a next level!!! They open their books and let u see them buck naked kinda "No Hidden Charges!"

Dun briff? Watch this video below!

At first glance i also dint notice it ... it took me 3 replays to realised that all their employees is actually naked with draw-on-body (bodyart) uniform! Watch closely! Now .. thats what i call "Really Nothing to hide!" LOL! Freaking creative! Welldone!

Via Wahlau.net

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  1. If KLIA staff do the same thing, I'm sure some people would drive all the way from KL just to look at the staff...haha


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